Princess Jessica “Chicken of the Sea” Simpson is a Real Girl, Eats Meat.

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on Jan 5, 2011
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PETA calls Jessica Simpson “Stupid” for wearing “Real Girls Eat Meat” Tee.

Even if it weren’t two year old non-news, this wouldn’t be news.

In fact, if Jessica’s wearing of this shirt was a humorous dig at her ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, a vegetarian, it could even be deemed mildly funny. And, you know, she may not be talking about animal meat, heah.

Still, PETA correctly saw “gold” in this, and shared their top 5 reasons not to eat meat, below. So something good came out of it, hey?

PS: Still, not sure why it’s so uncool that she wanted to adopt a pig, PETA.

Excerpt from Baltimore Sun:

Simpson family insiders told OK! Magazine that the slogan is a dig at boyfriend Tony Romo’s ex-girlfriend, country superstar Carrie Underwood — who has twice been named “World’s Sexiest Vegetarian” by PETA.

In case this doesn’t already have you feeling like you’re back in junior high, the PETA blog also lists “the top five reasons that only stupid girls brag about eating meat.”

Here they are in their entirety:

1. Meat increases the risk of breast cancer. A 2007 study of 35,000 women published in the British Journal of Cancer found that women who ate meat were far more likely to develop breast cancer than women who consumed none. Will Jessica’s next t-shirt will say, “Real Girls Smoke 3 Packs a Day”?

2. Real girls don’t support animal abuse. Compassion is super sexy, if the huge number of hot celebs ditching meat is any indication. Young women turn vegetarian in droves when they learn that the meat industry cuts the sensitive beaks off newborn chicks and cuts off the tails of baby piglets.

3. The meat industry is destroying the Earth. The only thing that’s hot about the meat industry is that it’s toasting the planet. According to the United Nations, raising animals for food causes more greenhouse-gas emissions than all the cars, trucks, SUVs, planes, and ships in the world combined.

4. Meat will make you fat. All the saturated fat and cholesterol in chicken wings, pork chops, and steak eventually leads to flabby thighs and love handles. I hope the upcoming “Jessica Simpson’s Intimates” line comes in plus sizes! Going vegetarian is the best way to get slim and stay that way.

5. Eating meat steals food from starving kids. Jessica’s trip to help kids in Africa got a lot of media buzz, but by gnawing on meat, she’s essentially stealing food from the mouths of starving children since it takes up to 16 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of meat. If more people went vegetarian, we’d free up enough grain to feed every person in the world.


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6 Responses to “Princess Jessica “Chicken of the Sea” Simpson is a Real Girl, Eats Meat.”

  1. YesuDas says:

    I am a vegetarian–have been since 1986–but this bothers me. It is more vexing to me when people on my side play fast-and-loose with the fact than when people on the "other" side do it.

    #4) There are plenty of chunky vegetarians; it is just as possible to eat immoderately as a veggie as it is as an omnivore.
    #5) While there is truth in this, we already produce enough food to feed everyone in the world. Production isn't the problem–distribution is, and going veggie won't help that.

    This kind of stuff discredits us.

  2. elephantjournal says:

    Sure, but it's also reallllly easy to gain and keep weight on with a meaty diet. Probably easier. And, it's a fact that producing meat for frequent consumption is insanely inefficient. ~ Waylon

  3. YesuDas says:

    –OK, maybe.

    –Very true, but that's not what PETA says; they say that eating meat "steals food from the mouth of hungry children," when in fact there is already enough food to feed them, we just can't get our act together to get it to them. That kind of overheated and not-strictly-true rhetoric makes it easier for reasonable people to dismiss PETA–and, by extension, vegetarians–as cranks.

  4. elephantjournal says:

    Okay, I'm with you on that…a bit hype-ish! Good call. We can win without bending facts.

  5. ARCreated says:

    fyi… the weight thing??? sorry both diets have their plus and minuses in that area and depends on your body type..hi.I gained a lot of weight after awhile on my vegan diet…because I ate way too much bread and pasta… almost ouwent back to eating meat — but philosophy won over vanity and then I just stopped being lazy and ate more veggies and it worked…we can't just say not eating meat makes you skinny….'cause Oreo cookies and french fries are also technically vegan…that won't make you healthier.

    and I think calling people "stupid" just makes the person saying it look sort of stupid…thanks for THAT reminder.

  6. […] love eating and talking about food. I’ve been a vegetarian for seven years…Now I’m 95 percent vegan…My veganism is based on a concern about where my food is […]