Rediscovered! 1990s yoga videos ft. Bryan Kest…and a young Seane Corn!

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jan 19, 2011
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Yoga Legends…in the 90s.

Recently, one of our star writers wrote a mild but loving critique of rockstar yogi Bryan Kest. One of the comments on said blog referred to some now-tacky, in-hindsight-funny 1990s videos of Bryan back in the 1990s that could be found on youtube. I found ’em—and yah, there he was, with a mane that’d do Tarzan proud and thermal underwear cutoffs beneath denim jean cutoffs…and nothing else…strutting around teaching yoga to a bunch of beautiful people.

I christened my blog Michael Bolton yoga, and thought I’d had my fun.

Then, one of the comments on Bolton Yoga mentioned Bryan Kest’s sexy “bedroom drishti” in another video in that series. I can never pass up a good title to a blog, so I went looking for that intro video. Haven’t found it yet, but…looking at the fourth video in the series, I was shocked to see a young Seane Corn—yes, the Seane Corn, one of elephant’s longtime yogi friends and a personal mentor/friend and the world-famous yoga teacher, without compare. And she’s in the class, not as a teacher of course, but as one of the model yogi students.

The full deal

Et, voila:

Looking for new videos:


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26 Responses to “Rediscovered! 1990s yoga videos ft. Bryan Kest…and a young Seane Corn!”

  1. kathie says:

    I think they were dating at the time.He is my fave yoga teacher (and I gave him shit about his yoga rockstar" look)
    Seane is amazing!

  2. Waylon Lewis says:

    I remember something about that…it's a fun find, like discovering funny ol' high school photos…

  3. Katie says:

    Sorry… all I know of them is their image, as projected through their videos, promotional materials etc. – and all that image says to me is vanity.

  4. Tamara says:

    lol The opening photo on the video looks like a Sat night Live video! made me laugh!

  5. Rebecca says:

    This cracks me up!! Two awesome teachers and some beautiful yoga, but those outfits are HILARIOUS!

  6. Yogini33# says:

    If you look very closely at the Kest video in which Seane Corn is participating, you will notice that she is very flexible, but not THE most flexible of his model students. While I like only some of Seane Corn's DVD offerings, her soulful interpretation of the practice as a student is an indicator of what is to come …

  7. Seane Corn says:

    Thanks Way, I've been found out!!! I love it. Some of my fondest yoga memories are in Bryan's class in the 90's and it was actually Bryan who talked me into my first teacher's training during the making of those videos. I was intensely passionate about yoga during that time (although you wouldn't know it from my horrible alignment!!), and it is sweet to look back at my very young (and brunette) self and feel an immense gratitude to all the teacher's who supported and guided me in my practice, teaching and career over the years. Especially when I was so young and clueless! Here's another little known fact for you, my even younger tush was on the cover of Erich Shiffman's book "Moving Into Stillness" in the 90's as well. xx

  8. […] Yet the trend of rushing to the finish line is still a reality. When I practiced yoga back in the 90s, the local class scene was da bomb! Local teachers in New York City were celebrities. They were […]

  9. Michelle says:

    I started with this Dvd, and now practice daily with Bryan's audios. His classes are amazing, and I thank him for bringing yoga into my life. Thank you Bryan!

  10. Rudy Mettia says:

    Seane, you were and still are so adorable, love the high cut tights;) And Bryan, I pick on him every chance I get because of this video and I also love him as he likewise gave me my yoga career guidance and space at his studio with the results being greater then I could have ever imagined. Love both of you.

  11. Anandi says:

    I still have Bryan Kest's 3-part VHS series. I can't watch it now without thinking of that spoof from Couple Retreat. Lovely yoga peeps…

  12. I had the privilege of doing a day Intensive with Sean and she is amazing… From the Heart.

  13. Tanya says:

    What a classic!!

  14. Patrick says:

    Ha!, yoga porn, especially with that music. LOL

    I just can't get out of my head the scenes from the movie "couples retreat."

    If you haven't seen this movie, here is the scene I am talking about:

  15. carrie says:

    I remember these videos tried them but a tad difficult for me then I moved on to seans dvds been with them ever since
    never made the connection <g>

  16. mark kreloff says:

    still my hero!!!!!!!

  17. Loretta says:

    I own and still do that series of videos.

    There is much more than a tush, but a perect headstand on Moving Into Stillness. So like you to feel immense gratitude.

    Thank you to all who inspired you and me!

  18. ZensationalCreations says:

    As many times as I've watched/practiced with those videos, it never dawned on me that the pretty girl was Seane Corn! Duuuhh. Maybe I couldn't take my eyes off of Bryan long enough to notice anything or anybody else. I was such a yoga virgin back then and proud to say that Bryan was my first, uummm, "male yoga teacher"… 😀

    When Bryan was here on the east coast a couple of years ago, with a lot less hair but still gorgeous, I took his workshop. He's still all that! It has been a quite a yoga journey for me since the day I found his "VHS" set in the library, went to yoga teacher training, opened a studio, closed a studio and am now working on just being me and finding my practice again. After all that, I still feel like a yoga newbie. Thanks Bryan!

  19. ZensationalCreations says:

    I LOVE that movie Patrick! There should be a sequel and Bryan should be the yoga teacher.. <evil grin inserted here>

  20. sam says:

    These videos are HILARIOUS, but I am not exaggerating when I say I feel the best I have ever felt after practicing with them. had em for 10(+) years and still going strong!

  21. JOhanna says:

    OMG That was the video that started me on my yoga journey!!! VHS tapes, in my living room, started them to "get flexible." Holy cow how flexible I've become (although way more in spirit than in body STILL after 15 years!). Blessings <3 <3 <3

  22. Denise Hammock says:

    Loved Bryan then and still love him now! My yoga path started with that 3 practice video. I followed along for a year before I ever stepped foot in a studio. Those are solid practices. His look then is a little funny to me now but his look changed and matured as he did. He currently streams video practices from Santa Monica. Most down to earth teacher I've ever encountered.

  23. catnipkiss says:

    Bummer, YouTube took the video down…. but I can just imagine! I talked to Sean in the bathroom at Wanderlust; we both lived in NYC in the 80's and hung out in some of the same places. How funny 🙂 Long time ago! – Alexa M.

  24. sabine says:

    I love those videos!! Hey, they are a commentary of how life was then, hair…clothes….music. It's all good…
    I practiced for 3 years with these 3 videos only, before deciding to take teacher's training and I must say they set me up well for the experience. Am now going back to the online courses through Bryan's Power Yoga and loving it. My body craves this type of yoga!!

  25. Denise says:

    I have this too. My husband and I dubbed this “Underpants Yoga” years ago. 🙂