Size Matters—the Proof We’ve been waiting for.

Via Bud Wilson
on Jan 8, 2011
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The fear that grips political conservatives linked to an enlarged Amygdala! Researchers discover areas of the human brain that affect political persuasion.

At last, scientists in England have unlocked the key to this age old question.

The body part(s) in question are not exactly what you might have thought. [Gotcha Waylon! Our editor has always told me I’d magnetize more readers if I had a provocative title…and, of course, an alluring photo or two to go with it!]

The Neurobiological Investigation of Beauty, another study is underway at University College London!
Invocation to Priapus - Greek God of the Garden - an extended study assignment! 🙂

O.K. here’s one more image for those of feminine persuasion, to keep my journalistic balance intact!

David in all his splendor!

Whether it’s the bosom or the pudendum you’re thinking about, it’s neither.  It’s about the size of our brains. Not the whole thing, just certain parts, and how they affect our political orientation!  I love the fact that Colin Firth, the fine British actor,  wanted to know what was biologically wrong with people who disagreed with his decidedly progressive opinions!  His question inspired some researchers at University College of London to look at the human brain for some answers! They found surprising elements of the brain that may explain why “conservatives” think and act the way they do and why “liberals” think and act they way they do.

Homer Simpson's brain - More proof that size matters!

You’re gonna love Keith Olberman’s account on a brand new Countdown episode.

For more fascinating insights into the personalities of right wing conservatives, you’ll want to read John Dean’s – Conservatives Without Conscience. By better understanding of how people think, not just what they think we may be able to build some bridges and move toward better understanding of one another. Of course, all this focus upon the neurobiology of our brains begs the question of the human heart.

Here’s an idea… if homeland security wants to scan all of us in airports, maybe we should have members of congress submit to brain scans before they take office to determine how big their right Amygdalae are!

Onward with Courage.


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