This is your chicken commercial. This is your chicken reality.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jan 19, 2011
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Eat Chicken in America? Good chance it’s from Tyson.

Like an anti-Michael Pollan commercial, cute kids with funny ways of saying words say they don’t like real food…but thanks mama! we do love chicken nuggets! Way to teach America’s parents n’children, Tyson!

I hate everything!

(Click here for some reality via Naked Chef Jamie Oliver).



We’re the animals!

One of very few videos that shows anything about an actual Tyson factory farm…watch the full thing for the notes on the video:

Not sure how he sleeps at night in his McMansion:

Okay, enough reality—let’s eat some chicken! Because, after all, if it looks and tastes good, we don’t want to know more:

Except for a few brave heroes among us:

If you eat chicken, try to watch these two. If you can’t watch ’em, maybe make sure you know where your chicken is coming from—always ask:

Tyson spends money sponsoring advertorial and commercials, not caring for its product (sentient beings)

Chickens never see the light of day. They’re packed in, and live miserable lives. Part one of four:

More fun:

You may never go vegan. But if you continue to eat animals, know that a happy chicken is a healthier chicken…and you are what you eat.

Finally, a beautiful sort of contemplation. Tyson, the chicken. A real live sentient being:


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7 Responses to “This is your chicken commercial. This is your chicken reality.”

  1. Alice2112 says:

    This is reason 126 of why I am a vegan. Horrible.

  2. Joe Yeoman says:

    Have you ever had fried chicken and waffles. There is nothing in this world quite like it.

    But in all seriousness, chicken farms are disgusting, and these videos are horrible. Even at the hunting preserve I worked at in high school, we allowed pheasants to see the light of day and treated them humanely, before they were hunted down for sport (which is pretty sad).

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