Was December 21, 2010 the real “2012”?

Via Sam Geppi
on Jan 2, 2011
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We have been hearing for years all the hype around December 21, 2012. So what does it all mean, and why ask if December 21, 2010 is the real 2012?

Contrary to what you may or may not know, all of the 2012 hype is actually based on profound science. Essentially, a phenomena that only happens (approximately) every 25,600 years is happening right now in the sky—and has been happening for the last 20 or 30 years at least on December 21 each year, the day of the winter solstice.

The Winter solstice is an important day on Earth, because it is the day the Sun changes direction in the sky. The first day of winter is the darkest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. But on that day, the Sun also changes direction in an instant. Instead of continuing to get lower in the sky (as it had been for the previous six months), it changes direction and starts moving North in the sky (to us in the northern hemisphere).

This has always been cause for celebration, because literally the darkest days are behind us at that time. The ancient Romans started formally celebrating this winter solstice day, and it eventually became what we now call “Christmas.”

Currently, and for that last 30 years at least, on the same day the Sun is changing direction in the sky, it also appears to pass through the plane of our Milky Way galaxy. Our solar system sits out on the edge of a spiral arm in the Milky Way, and two times per year the Earth’s orbit around the sun creates these “Galactic alignments,” when the Earth is very near the plane of the Galaxy and the Sun appears to move through it.

This is nothing new. What is profound is that now, based on the precession of the equinoxes, the Sun appears to pass through the Galactic plane at nearly the exact moment it is also changing direction in the sky, as mentioned above. This only happens once every 25,600 years when we “cross over to the other side of the galaxy,” what will happen on the supposed date of December 21, 2012.

You may tell yourself, “well that’s fascinating, but so what?” All ancient and wise cultures, such as the Mayans and those who brought Yoga and holistic healing to the world, exalted the Galactic center and plane. The Indians call the galactic core the “Vishnu Nabi,” the navel of Lord Vishnu. There is a story that says Lord Brahma emerged from the navel of Lord Vishnu. Mesoamerican people (which include the Mayans) call this “Hunab ku,” declaring it as the nexus of our spiritual power. The entire Mayan creation story is based on the plane of the galaxy.

Lunar Eclipse on December 21, 2010—Once in a 25,600 Years Event.

Photo courtesy Michael Semensohn.

There has been far too much importance placed on the date, December 21, 2012, to the detriment of what is really important—the enormous changes now happening in our world. The recent lunar eclipse on December 21, 2010 is by far more significant astronomically (and therefore astrologically) than anything that’s going to be happening on December 21, 2012—simply by virtue of there also being an eclipse at the same time as the Sun appearing to enter the galactic plane.

There was some press about the lunar eclipse being the first on the Solstice since 1638. That is true, but the 1638 eclipse did not happen within hours of the annual galactic alignment. In 1638 the alignment was still about 4 days away. There are three shifts that coincided within hours of each other on December 21, 2010.

  • Eclipse (Sun, Moon and earth all lined up in the same plane in 3-D Space)
  • Solstice (Sun changing direction in an instant from the previous 6 months)
  • Galactic Plane (The Sun appearing to align with the center of our galaxy, which happens once every
    25, 600 years)

That event was a confluence of precise moments that have never lined up before and will not again for another 25,600 years at least. This is a measurable, scientific fact.

What Does This Mean For You and I?

Has anyone noticed how the last 30 years or so have been off the scale with technological advances pushing the Earth to the brink—simultaneous to the explosion of new consciousness/emergence of light and dark? These are all in sync with the huge transitions shown by the energy in these portions of the sky.

Using the Sidereal Zodiac (of the Mayan calendar and Vedic culture), this eclipse happened with the Sun, Mars, Mercury retrograde and North Node in the Nakshatra (star) Mula, which means “root.” This is where things become uprooted and also where we dig deeply into the soil of culture and understanding to plant seeds that will later take root.

Seeds can be both literal (such as the monopoly on seeds being sought by industrial giant, Monsanto) or they can be seeds of thought, ideas, philosophies or freedoms. This eclipse in the Sagittarius/Gemini axis highlights the choices we are making between the deeper philosophies and leaders we are following (Sagittarius), and the ability of these leaders and teachers to operate with fairness, answer our questions and communicate effectively and with transparency (Gemini).

Many recent news stories bear these things out. From the recent food bill in Congress, to the wiki leaks story, to president Obama’s healthcare bill being declared unconstitutional, to the Korean conflict.

The Moon was eclipsed where the God Soma (immortal nectar of bliss) reigns supreme in the crown Chakra. Amidst these root issues, choices and potential dangers, there is a wildly ecstatic nature to these times. In fact we may choose to not even be engaged on the root level and just tune-out and dissolve into the bliss of our real or virtual communities or comfort zones.

But we can’t.

The change is here and we need to be the change.

No need to wait for 2012.

And yes, it was written in the stars thousands of years ago.

Here is a Youtube video where I explained this eclipse and the energies at play.


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Sam Geppi is a Vedic astrologer, and teacher. He is the author of "The Ascendant-108 Planets of Vedic Astrology." You can learn more about the universe and why astrology makes sense by checking out his Free Astrology Class CD, his Facebook and his Membership Website.


40 Responses to “Was December 21, 2010 the real “2012”?”

  1. Cher says:

    I have been following Sam for many years. He is right on. This aticle should be read all over the world, we all need to know the truth of whats going on, maybe people will think and change some of thier ways.

    Thank you

  2. Melanie says:

    Thank you Sam for making it easy for me to understand – Melanie

  3. jeanna says:

    I don't understand how the sun shifts diirection in a moment–does it actually change direction or is it just from our perspective on earth? Thank u Sam, good work!

  4. Alison Spalding says:


  5. Nick says:

    The Sun's apparent upward directional shift occurs because of The Earth's tilt. In the northern hemisphere our north pole is most away the direction of The Sun on the winter solstice, having been going that way and lessening in day light hours, while The south pole points more towards the sun, making it Summer in the southern hemisphere. The Spring and Autumnal Equinoxes is when their is a balance in sun light hours in the north and south hemispheres.

  6. kimfyrst says:

    Great article 🙂

  7. Janet Cochrane says:

    As always, clear and very informative. Thanks!

  8. L. Melzack says:

    India, is the millionaire country, when it comes to knowledge of the " eternal spirit". Topics of Astrology are only one of the many branches of the Vedas, the original way of living written down thousands of years ago. We are fortunate to be able to tap into the ancient flow of knowledge, made easily available by the planetary influences at present. There is an original blueprint for life available through transcendental sound , and I thank Sam for giving us a glimpse into the astrological aspect of things………..Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya…………….

  9. samgeppi says:

    Thanks to all for commenting.

    Cher (and everyone else), by all means share this with others if you think it is important, that is the best way to thank me and those whom you exposé this to.

    A major part of the REawakening so attributed to "2012" is reconnecting to nature, the Universe, the sky, and realizing the axiom "as above, so below" is not just a pretty quote or a metaphor – It is how the universe works – literally. In the east they know this, but in the West we have turned everything in to a metaphor, an archetype. But it is much deeper than that. Astrology / Astronomy is the Science of how spirit takes form and shows the path to unlocking the spiritual fullness of life.

    Thanks Nick, for the clear explanation about the apparent motion of the Sun.

  10. Bhairavi says:

    Thanks Sam! Very informative. I agree that this is a major time of things being uprooted, sort of a karmic cleansing/ clearing/ purification in preparation for a time of renewal to come (perhaps at the 12/21/2012 time). Anyhow , a very powerful energy of change has definitely been set in motion! Thank-you again!

  11. Harini says:

    Great explanation of what is going on. Great article! Thank-you.

  12. Linda says:

    Thanks Sam, your article was great. I had read something a year or so ago about 2010 being the real 2012, but didn't really understand why. You made it very clear.

  13. Rosanna Tufts says:

    "Uprooting"? No kiddin'! A few days later, high winds took down a tree in the backyard of a house I no longer live in, but still technically own. The tree came up by the roots, falling over into my neigbhor's yard. Of course, they're extremely angry. They've been trying to get me to rip down all my trees for years. So now I'm forced to Step Into My Power, to negotiate a deal with them where Everybody Wins. They're coming to this with chips on their shoulders as big as that tree, so this pow-wow will either be a total disaster … or my finest hour.

  14. Christa says:

    Thanks Sam, I love following your writings and video's. A sure guide of insight in these changing, exciting times!

  15. vedico says:

    ı would like to hear more on what this means for individuals and our daily lives. I hear "big potential for change" way too many times from astrologers…. I know Sam can do better if this is such an huge event.

  16. Charles says:

    Hi Sam and others, Happy Journey's toward the light. I am of the understanding that we have been travelling through the dark side for the last 25,500 years. Scientist state that the earth is a negative charge. In the western understanding, the Bible states that the earth is being ruled by satan, the dark angel. My spell check tells me to capitalise the word satan and not the word God! This is a reminder of the forces currently in charge.

    I feel that the time has arrived for the transition from the dark back toward the light! This is why so many of our dark leaders have been in panic trying to complete their negative agendas, in order to take complete control, hence stopping us from entering the light. I know they have failed as I can see the light entering the hearts of many. I can also see many resisting these changes but with doubt in their minds (which is coming from their hearts).

    It is time.

  17. Sara says:

    Revelatory and a little disconcerting. Thanks, I think!

  18. NancyB says:

    Thanks Sam! I'm new to all this and your explanations are very clear, easy to understand and have been very useful to me in making sense of this crazy thing we call living life.

    Looking forward…

  19. samgeppi says:

    Thanks folks,
    Sara, yes a little disconcerting, but change always is,.

    Rosanna, I'm sure you will show them the light.

    Vedico, this is just a general overview of the significance. I have a video linked and I also put this:
    "Seeds can be both literal (such as the monopoly on seeds being sought by industrial giant, Monsanto) or they can be seeds of thought, ideas, philosophies or freedoms. This eclipse in the Sagittarius/Gemini axis highlights the choices we are making between the deeper philosophies and leaders we are following (Sagittarius), and the ability of these leaders and teachers to operate with fairness, answer our questions and communicate effectively and with transparency (Gemini).

    Many recent news stories bear these things out. From the recent food bill in Congress, to the wiki leaks story, to president Obama’s healthcare bill being declared unconstitutional, to the Korean conflict.

    The Moon was eclipsed where the God Soma (immortal nectar of bliss) reigns supreme in the crown Chakra. Amidst these root issues, choices and potential dangers, there is a wildly ecstatic nature to these times. In fact we may choose to not even be engaged on the root level and just tune-out and dissolve into the bliss of our real or virtual communities or comfort zones."

    As for individuals, they usually get readings to know the exact specifics for them.

  20. Andrew says:

    Excelent, Sam! As always, clear, concise, comprehensive expalinations of what, actually, is happening. Keep up the good work. Namaste

  21. KWeil says:

    Sam is a light. He goes beyond mere astrological analysis and give us the spiritual principles at hand. I never miss his updates. God bless you, Sam.

  22. i always appreciate your wisdom – and am happy to see you writing for ej!

    As an Ayurvedic Practitioner this information is really invaluable – it is time for us all to come back to nature and be in tune with Siva and Shakti and the immense power that is available to us – power to be used for the uplifting of our brother and sisters and the evolution of consciousness. Hari Om!

  23. Jonathan says:

    Sam, You say that this event had the earth’s sun appearing to be in the galactic plane. My understanding of the signifigance of the 2012 winter solstice is that the earth herself will enter the galactic plane. And that phenomena could cause the earths magnetic poles to shift positions… among other possible extraordinary events to happen.

  24. samgeppi says:

    Johnathan, astronomically there is really no discernable difference between what is happening now and what will happen then. Our astronomy is not that good (to know the EXACT center of the Galactic plane) to make that delineation on Dec 21, 2012. The earth / Sun entrance with the exact Galactic equator is already happening now.. the rate of precession is 1 degree for 72 years.. so for the last 70 years or so the solstice has been happening with the Earth/Sun (visually) aligned with the Galactic equator.

  25. white feather says:

    thanks for posting the video , found it very informative, thanks for your insight

  26. K N Datta says:

    I wish i could meet you in person. If ever you come to india, do make it a point to meet. You are spot on, even daily horoscopes r so true.
    Thanks for the article.

  27. Jessica says:

    love this! i feel so lucky that i got puja's done on that day!!!! now onto the next – in 8 min!

  28. Anoep says:


    Thanks for the explanation. My feeling says that the world is also changing with all the scandals that in the past decennia were done by human beings are no longer accepted and out in the open just like the “wikileaks” thing. There has been too much ego used in the world by many countries which has to stop and maybe 2011/2012 we come back to the awareness what we really have to do to change the world and make an end to all sufferings in the world,

    Gr Anoep

  29. sabina says:

    sam brilliant as usual, i always learn from your videos and find some takeaway each time, that I know is important for my growth 🙂

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  31. Rebecca says:

    I follow Sam's articles closely. He is one of the best vedic astrologers/teachers on the planet. Thank you for this insightful article.

  32. Jonathan says:

    Thanks for the insight.

  33. geralyn says:

    thank you. I will pass this along.

  34. Judith says:

    I have only recently discovered Sam (prior to 12/21/10) and found him to explicit and fundamental as well as practical.

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  37. Matthew says:

    It's apparent, not real. It is from the perspective of the earth but the sun is not really shifting. In addition, this precession of the equinox is a result of a wobble or precession of the tilt of the axis of the earth like you see in a top when it is almost run down and wobbles on its axis.

  38. Matthew says:

    Jonathan, just moving through the plane of the ecliptic of the galaxy would not be enough to cause the earth magnetic field to reverse. However, a shift in the circulating flow of magma beneath the earth's surface might. Whether this flow has periodic variations that coincide with these major cycles in cosmos I do not believe has yet been correlated but it would be a worthwhile study. Let us know if you find anything please.

  39. samgeppi says:

    Hi Matthew, thanks for replying.

    The earth has been passing through the galactic plane for time immemorial. There is nothing to suggest that the precise moments of alignment with the solstices has ever caused cataclysms.. and there have been many on Earth.

    last ice age was from about 20K years ago until 12,500 years ago.. close to the last galactic alignments.. and it showed a time of improvement.

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