Waylon’s favorite Yoga @ Home Youtube Video Ever? Urban Yoga Monkey, luv!

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jan 3, 2011
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Urban Yoga Monkey:

I could listen to Beth’s accent forever. Lovely!

Hi I’m Beth, my mission is to share urban yoga as the perfect antidote to modern life. This video is me teaching the Yoga monks version of Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara). This yoga class is great for all levels of yoga student, beginner or advanced.

I dragged Nick, the director, up on to a very high rooftop in my local neighbourhood in Hackney, East London to film this. Despite the gale force wind it turned out really well, I think, plus the views of the Gherkin and the Docklands were amazing! I hope you enjoy watching it, please let me know below what you think, I’d love to hear your thoughts below or at my blog www.urbanyogamonkey.com

PS Loads of you have been asking if I could make this video available for download, so I’ve made a version which you can take away with you and watch wherever you are. You can find it on my site www.urbanyogamonkey.com in my new Urban Yoga store. X

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22 Responses to “Waylon’s favorite Yoga @ Home Youtube Video Ever? Urban Yoga Monkey, luv!”

  1. I wanna find a teacher who says "bum bones" for "sit bones."

  2. AMO says:

    Oh Waylon, I know what you like you like about that…;)~

  3. Yogini33# says:

    She seems so cutting edge. Mild practices are the wave of the future. So why isn't she teaching "across the pond"?

  4. elephantjournal says:

    via http://www.facebook.com/elephantjournal

    Patricia M: I lived in the UK for a couple years and just moved back to Colorado over the summer. I miss having yoga instruction in the Queen's English!

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  6. Alisa says:

    This comment might be useful.

    I was in London for 6 months and a member of the Fitness First Broadgate where the girl, Beth, in the Urban Yoga blog tried to instruct a class. The class was the worst at Fitness First and the worst yoga class I have ever attended! I have worked with yoga for decades and the classes in New York and other London yoga classes that I now attend are brilliant. Unfortunately for Beth she was confused and unable to answer basic yoga questions in the class.

    For me Beth’s accent grates. In London it is considered an accent one puts on when one trys too be trendy! The few others in the class could not make out what she was saying.

    There are other great yoga websites and blogs which do share great yoga teachers/ gurus. Particularly with my experience the urban yoga blog is pretentious and not useful.

  7. Fran says:

    I do not dig the accent in the above videos! Generally I do love the English accent.

  8. Sarah says:

    Hi Alisa,

    I'm sorry to hear that but I've been a regular at Beth's classes and workshops for the last 12 months and I love them! She's one of the most inspirational teachers I've come across in London. I've lived in New York and Sydney and tried loads of different classes but Beth's is still my fav by a mile. It might be worth giving them another go. S

  9. Emma says:

    Beth is a fantastic teacher and a true inspiration! I had done yoga in a few other places in London but none of them matched Beth's classes. Her knowledge of the body and how it works is second to none. Thanks to Beth I am a true yoga convert!

  10. greenwich kate says:

    I have been attending yoga classes in london for 5 years and have learnt more in the 10 months that Beth has been my teacher than all the rest put together. She makes me laugh and she gives instruction in a way that I understand. She helps you makes connections and her classes flow. She is the best.

  11. lucis evans says:

    obviously a fake post – posted by Beth – The urban yoga monkey website consists of fake positive testimonials – can spot it a mile off as same style of writing as the blog.

    Wayne – spot the recent fakes – greenwich, sarah and alisa!

  12. lucis says:

    obviously a fake post – posted by Beth – The urban yoga monkey website consists of fake positive testimonials – can spot it a mile off as same style of writing as the blog.

    Wayne – spot the recent fakes – greenwich, sarah and alisa!

  13. GuardianA says:

    Catherine- Beth does not teach at fit first Broadgate and never has! I am
    Collating all the hate mail you send her and the managers at each of her gyms know who you are. I pray that you ll see the futility of this venom you expel as ringing every gym twice a week must take so much energy. Please know everyone is aware it you and send loving kindness as you continue to make fake claims and use pseudo names. May you find some kind of peace within you xx

  14. Irene says:

    Waylon, you're spot on to recognise Beth's energy and inspirational teaching. She is a beautiful person with a forward thinking style and is always able to explain the methodology and intent while also questioning her students, which makes for a much more thought-provoking practice. Perhaps the student who didn't enjoy the class simply didn't get it. From what I understand however, she has a more insidious intent behind her negative comments, which is simply sad for her. It's much better to be positive, Catherine. I'm sure you would appreciate people saying positive things about your classes so maybe you need to do a quick headstand and get the blood flowing in a better direction. We love Beth!

  15. Marissa Evans says:

    Most peculiar reaction to a lady's experience of a yoga class. Allisa's comments are useful and valid – there is complete honusty in her feedback which is lacking from the replies. The replies come accross insidious and with a desperation to sell the girl in the blog. They appear to have the intent of force feeding a viewpoint and Allisa is correct in that it is not useful to understanding yoga. Their replies are peculiar in the extreme and bizarre (as they have the opposite effect to what they intend). I do not see the girl in the blog in the way the replies try to sell her.

    I recomend having a healthy look at other yoga classes, teachers on this journal who have a natural approacjh to yoga.

    My impression of the videos on the blog is it has been all done better and more attractively (the better bottom idea is not attractive to me). Mine is perfect.

  16. alexia says:

    beth is a great person and a great teacher and has a beautiful heart.. and I am so so happy for her, she so richly deserves all the positive comments.. so much love

  17. greenwich kate says:

    lucis I can assure you that I am one of Beth's students.

  18. Martin Jeff says:

    I have known Beth for many years and Beth has always had some form of instability and desperation for fame. I am surprised to see that she is now packaging herself as a yoga teacher , but it does attract all sorts. There may be a section of the yoga community that nicely sends people much love and sees the surface of what is sold but I must express concern on the integrity and authenticity of the remarks by Alexia and co. The blog obviously has a good production crew – unfortunately the person in it has always shown herself to be unstable. I feel sorry for Beth but it is important that people are not sold on image, particularly in an area such as yoga, and know thew truth.uk

  19. marijiana yogi says:

    definetly not cutting edge – check out other classes and youtube yoga and see what is present.

  20. marijiana yogi says:

    say bum bones or ass bones yourself – you are your own teacher.

  21. Bless u Catherine x I have a whole case file linking to ur identity but having studied psychology and having close friends whom are psychotherapists, as well as the police officer that brought u in on charges last month, I’m
    Aware that getting you sectioned could impact your work abilities and livelihood. I find it quite amusing knowing you ve self qualified yourself as yoga teacher and claim to be intimate friends with the dalai lama as well as referring to yourself as enlightened. I also find curious that send excessive abusive emails and wonder why you simply stop looking at my blog if it’s not something you care for. The police psych profile on you tells me it’s your attempt to make connection with the world. The delusions quite possibly a defence mechanism to harbour u from a previous psychological trauma. Hence i do not want to have sectioned. Every email generates a feeling of compassion for the knowledge of all the spite and delusion you exhibit. I hope for u, from the bottom of my heart that life brings in some kind of living support to help you heal and stop living through pseudo names and identities. Know that all my Collegues recognise your communications. It seems the characters you switch between are very stylised and recognisable. My studies into psy tell this means their highy developed and long embedded. I wish you love, and some kind of peace in this lifetime, my love x beth

  22. Yes, I know I'm my own teacher.
    As such, I really don't need your humorless scolding.