When Relationships Don’t Work.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jan 28, 2011
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Matthew Perryman Jones – “When It Falls Apart”

When yet love affair falls apart, we can’t do nothing but play a song, or sing along:


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4 Responses to “When Relationships Don’t Work.”

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  2. Roger Wolsey says:

    This is a terrific cover of a song written by singer songwriter Christopher Williams. Chris performed it at a house concert I hosted a few years ago in Boulder and of all of the songs he played that night, this one has stayed with me. It's been a constant friend and companion through my ups and downs in life. It serves as a blessed reminder that brokenness happens, and that somehow, it's going to be okay — in fact, it already is.

  3. Roger Wolsey says:

    i looked into this further, turns out the song was co-written by Christopher, Matthew, and Katie Herzig :

    When It Falls Apart (EADGBE Capo 7th)
    Here we go again it’s all the same / A familiar scene but we call it by a different name / It’s an alibi of innocence you work so hard for it all / To just make sense, but it won’t make sense / Chorus / When it falls apart the pieces fit / But you won’t see it til you’re blinded / You can let it go or hold it tight / When you lose your life you will find it / Another day begins it’s nothing new / These lessons come to me dressed in déjà vu / I thought I had it all sort of figured out / But she stripped me clean and she exposed my doubt, that’s what its all about / Chorus / In the dark on my knees is when I hear her sing to me / Why is the truth so hard to take the heart cannot go free until it breaks / Chorus

    Written by Christopher Williams, Matthew Perryman Jones and Katie Herzig © 2007 BiG ReD VaN Music (ASCAP) Smoldering Wick Music (ASCAP) and Katie Herzig Music (ASCAP) http://www.christopherw.com/sweet_lyrics.htm http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/williamsc6/from/dylancov

  4. yesica says:

    beutiful lyrics 🙂 great performance 🙂 light and love* yeye