February 14, 2011

Be My Virtual Valentine! ~Alexa Wejko

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Valentine’s Day Mini-movement

Love has always been for those who love. I like to think of that statement as simple, not redundant. ‘Simple’ because it is so obvious.

Love is not just for couples, but everyone. Like David Byrne points out, “love is kind of a big thing.” Yet, people often mistake it for being exclusive, not inclusive—especially on Valentine’s Day. Even more especially Valentine’s Day in New York City, where banners boasting ten course meal specials abound.

While it may seem like the outward world forces this exclusive view onto its inhabitants, it is completely within each individual’s power to perpetuate love, kindness, and overall goodness. It’s not only in our power, but in today’s world, it seems like our responsibility.

In this spirit, the site Virtual Valentine was created.

V.V. serves as a forum for those looking to express their love on Valentine’s Day to friends, loved ones, pets, strangers, twice-removed aunts, vacuum cleaners; it’s a site for those looking to shape the world so that it holds more love than cynicism, hate, and negativity.

Of course, this should be the focus of our daily lives, not just one day per year. However, Virtual Valentine views the 14th as an opportunity to renew our bonds to love. More importantly, V.V. provides a way for people to give love its due by simply recognizing it.

Photo: Molly DG

One of the stories on the site, goes as follows:

On Valentine’s Day last year I went to Mr. Kiwi’s, the 24 hour grocer in my Bushwick neighborhood to buy some their pre-packaged spicy ramen. Inspired by my roommate at the time, I also bought some eggs and scallions to add to the ramen. The teller, an older Korean man (the owner, I believe) looked at my purchases, pointed questioningly to the eggs and scallions and back to the ramen wondering if I was indeed adding them to the ramen. When I nodded yes, he started smiling wildly. I thought, “that’s my Valentine’s Day moment. That man’s my Valentine.”

Visit the site today to be a part of this mini-movement. If you like what you see, share it with your friends and barista. Don’t be a stranger.

Alexa Wejko is a young writer and taco aficionado. She also writes for Cheating Culture and sometimes, she writes in her journal.

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