February 28, 2011

Eco-Chic Shoes Go Vegan. ~ Kaitland Hunter


I almost choked on my sandwich when I started reading about the company Neuaura. I have to admit that I didn’t go looking for an eco-friendly shoe—it found me. I saw a picture of their flats and thought, yes those are awesome.

I did some research on them and was pretty impressed by how eco-chic they are. Not only is this Brazilian factory producing beautiful shoes that are vegan friendly and do not contain animal by-products, they give back. I mean, they really give back. First off, they donate 10% of their turnover every year to two causes; the highlights from 2010 were Farm Sanctuary and Associated Humane Societies of NJ. Another mission of theirs is that they sponsor a habitat for local endangered animals.

As their website boldly states:

NEUAURA shoes DO NOT CONTAIN ANY leather, fur, silk, wool, shell, or pearls. NO animal by-products are used during manufacturing and/or finishing processes.

Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside doesn’t it?

Well, this is when I really had to start fanning myself due to pure excitement. Neuaura’s factory uses hydroelectric power to keep those lights on and tools running. Oh yeah, you heard —power generated from the pure force of falling or flowing water. Phew, I really think I need to start shopping.

Decently priced, most of these shoes are priced at under or around $100! When I did a Google search of them, I found plenty of options on sale. In the Boulder area, they can be purchased here, and in the Chicagoland area, try them on here. Check them out at Neuaura Shoes.


Kaitland Hunter lives and works in Chicago and wouldn’t have it any other way. She can’t help but shop every minute of her free time and loves to bring you, her finds. You can contact her at [email protected].  Follow her on twitter @thehunterstyle and visit her blog at The Hunter Style.

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