♥ energies are flowing -change is good!

Via Yesica Pineda
on Feb 4, 2011
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Energies are flowing

what needs to be fought

is fighting

what needs to disappear

is fading away

change is good

still what is,  is eternally still


represented a principle spread through out the religious cultural orders

always with the  understanding that

King is the embodiment of a divine principle of justice and truth

King archetype upholds the highest good

and sacrifices himself for that good

“We don’t see that in Mubarak”

it is said of the American-backed dictator

who is currently taking the country to the brink of revolution”

Or so I hear through the coconut wire

Energies are flowing

change is good

don’t let us forget that

Peace is always at hands reach

at heart’s reach


though for the observer might seem is nowhere

like Arjuna in the battle of the self

the world has always a Krishna’s Counsel in Time of War


I hear

Universal Oneness in  the micro-cosmos of the self

I relate to others pain

knowing that ultimate it is I who will suffer

if I don’t relate in healing common ground


I listen

Universal Oneness in  the micro-cosmos of the self

I see myself in others anger

knowing that ultimate it is I who will suffer

if I don’t relate in healing common ground


I observe

Universal Oneness in  the micro-cosmos of the self

I feel my sensations in the sensations of others

feeling their confusion of mind

knowing that ultimate it is I who will suffer

if I don’t relate in healing common ground

I stand

or better even

I sit

invite clarity

until there is no more confusion

Friends are a gift to the Atom

they come when you are not aware

and tap your soul


and leave you  smiling

no expectations, no judgment

no I

Or music plays

and you allow yourself to travel

and visit places that you long for

because of the ocean, or the sand

or the mountains

or a rainbow

maybe the rainbow I miss

letting your vibration resonate in harmony with the Universe

I stand ready to heal the world

or better even

I sit

and so the healing starts with myself


we love you

please please please

love yourself




About Yesica Pineda

Yesica Pineda is a time and space traveler, viajera del tiempo y el espacio. Yeye is a musician, yogini, and writer, who thinks of herself as stardust creating the Universe, and loves the feeling of positive vibrations. She is the founder of the multilingual portal for the encounter of the worlds, Namaste La Onda Natural. You can also read her work at Destino Magazines®, Baja.com®, BajaTraveler2016®, and follow her column here at Elephant Journal. She is a social media lover, and as the lead producer of Namaste Conscious MultiMedia, Yeye produces Yoga Videos in Spanish for www.Gaia.com and leads live power yoga & music events at 101 Namaste SJ art district®, and every full moon you can enjoy live music, friends, and nature by the Sea of Cortez at El Ganzo in Los Cabos, where she and her husband Justin Miller present Full Moon Yoga with Planetary Moods. She is a Vipassana Meditator. Born and educated in Mexico City, she has fully lived and continue studying in Los Angeles, CA; Boulder, Colorado; and Los Cabos, Mexico. Countries she has travelled include USA, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Spain, Holland, Turkey, and New Zealand, and beautiful Islands such as Hawaii and Puerto Rico. She is a traveller of the worlds. She lives with her family and two dogs somewhere in the Universe. She believes in Love. To follow her Planetary Moods you can hear in Soundcloud at WaterWalkers or Yeyeorganicpop. Or, visit her website.


4 Responses to “♥ energies are flowing -change is good!”

  1. magdalena says:

    so beautiful ~ there is so much going on out there. indeed energies are flowing. I unite with those seeking to live in peace. However, violence is not the answer.

  2. Charlie Rebich says:

    So beautiful Yeye! Thank you for posting this.

    There was a video of young woman singing the most most beautiful song, "I am the meaning in the middle of chaos." I posted it on my blog at:

    I thought you might like it.

    Many blessings and please keep posting your beautiful poetry,

  3. yesica says:

    Thank you Charlie! Be happy *

  4. yesica says:

    Thank you Maggie 🙂 Maggie Maggie 🙂 The eternal peace* love<3