Feelin’ like doo doo? Pigs like it…

Via Brooks Hall
on Feb 22, 2011
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Piggy Snoo Snoo
Pig in snoo snoo...

Yogis = Happy always? Naaa.

Last week, I wrote to you from a turned on, life lovin’ place. (I invite you to see The Sex of Yoga and Joy of Everyday Life, if that sort of message would better suit you, today.) Today I write to you from a necrophilic, death magnetizin’ place. Because, after all, the winds of excitement and bliss blow, then the winds change. My state of mind isn’t a static situation. I get happy and sad (Waylon Lewis gets sad, too.). Real sad.

But wait, I’m a yogi. Aren’t I supposed to be happy all of the time? Am I supposed to lie?

Guess what? I’m a human. …not trying to be a god-person. Who are they, anyway? Sometimes people who present themselves as a step up from human are either dreamin’ in themselves or messin’ with you.

I’m tryin’ not to fool myself by looking for experiences to take me out of “this”, ’cause this is where it’s at. Seriously.

Right here in my unsavory emotional brew. Mmmm. I’m takin’ a sniff. Yeah. And a taste. Hmmm.

Well, it’s not exactly how I thought it would be, but it’s good in a “right” kind of way.

Another wind? Ahhh. Maybe I’m ready to move on, now…
snowdrop flower


About Brooks Hall

Brooks Hall is a Yogic Muse from Chicago, Illinois. In this capacity she teaches Yoga, writes about Yoga, and generally enjoys it. You can find her at: brookshall.blogspot.com.


9 Responses to “Feelin’ like doo doo? Pigs like it…”

  1. Jay Winston says:

    No, you’re not supposed to be happy all the time because you’re a yogi.

    You’re supposed to be happy all the time because you’re a good frien dof Dr. Jay…and what more could ya possibly want from life?!

    Sending good vibes from Kripalu…day two and wouldja believe they already got me wearin’ mala beads?

  2. Brooks Hall says:

    Thanks Dr. Jay. That does feel good! Kripalu vibes…

  3. I hear you!, 🙂 Dr. Jay brings a laugh… we should all be his friends hee hee. Thanks Brooks for making us all human

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  5. Charlotte says:

    Thanks for a short but insightful post! If you sit with any of your visitors—like happiness and sadness—long enough, you'll see them come and go, all without your having to do a thing. Here's to giving ourselves the time and space to get to know all our vast and varied visitors, and the patience to let them be and let them go.

  6. Hilary Lindsay says:

    Somehow I just love that pigs liking something makes it more delightful than if it was just a generic pile of shit. Let's have a hand for the hog! It's all good, Brooks. Keep riding the waves with the rest of us creatures right there with you.

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