Going Raw Day 3 and 4: Is This Human Food?

Via Adeline Bash
on Feb 24, 2011
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Finally got some relief from my hunger, though at a little bit of a cost to both my taste buds and my food budget.

I went to a local health food store and searched the aisles for anything marked “Raw”. I ended up with two Raw Revolution live food bars, which were delicious; a box of Lydia’s Organic Sunflower Seed Bread, which maybe I will get used to (as of right now tastes like dog food); a bag of raw granola, which looks like bird seed but tastes alright; and a jar of raw almond butter, which definitely tastes different than Jiff. Some of this food is definitely going to take some time to get used to.

The five items cost $25.00— I already inhaled half of them. It’s just another example of the injustices of the food movement where privilege often goes hand in hand with progression and health. If only sunflower bread and apples were as heavily subsidized as cheese and corn syrup.

In an effort to expand the few food items I have left (yesterday I ate an entire cantaloupe and my 13 apples are steadily dwindling) I made my own almond milk. Here is a very sweet tutorial from youtube on how to do it.


Mine didn’t turn out as nicely. Granted I didn’t have dates, vanilla, or adorable sidekick and my cooking setting was a filthy college kitchen with an ancient blender. I don’t really know what I was expecting. I still used it over my birdseed granola. Best meal I’ve had all week.

The rest of the milk is in a jar in the fridge with small chunks of almonds floating in it—didn’t have a cheesecloth either.


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6 Responses to “Going Raw Day 3 and 4: Is This Human Food?”

  1. LasaraAllen says:

    So, are you doing raw food as an experiment? Have you chosen it for health reasons? I'm going to give up all meat and dairy for Lent, and see how that goes. If it feels right after 43 days, I'll stick with it. My vegan plan includes a lots of raw, but by no means exclusively.

    So, what prompted your choice? Just curious.

  2. LasaraAllen says:

    BTW, the little video was helpful, and cute. And, included two websites to go check out for more ideas. Thanks!

  3. Nadine says:

    why do my comments disappear?

  4. 13thfloorelevators says:

    Wouldn't it make more sense to do it gradually?

  5. Nadine says:

    except this one? Okay, I'll try again – this will be the THIRD time I have tried to post a comment. My others were much nicer, but I am busy now. Check out Ani Phyo. Her cookbooks are great for staring out raw. You'll never feel hungry or bored with the right resources. Good luck!

  6. addiebash3 says:

    Okay I will! Thanks!