Huffington Post, new media pioneer, sells out.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Feb 6, 2011
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Huffington Post sells out 2 AOL, Arianna now head of Engadget, TechCrunch, Moviefone, MapQuest, Black Voices, PopEater, AOL Music, AOL Latino, AutoBlog, Patch, StyleList. Price? $315 million.

I’ve looked up to Arianna Huffington as a new media pioneer and engaging, fun tireless influencer for years, and been a relatively successful columnist off and on for Huff Post, and have modeled some of elephant’s structure after Huff Post’s…so it’s with sadness that I see Arianna’s unique vision and energy absorbed into a conventional, and failing media company.


From NY Times:

…the deal carries a risk for The Huffington Post, which has had none of AOL’s troubles and is widely viewed as a business success with its own unique voice and identity. Now that it is to become part of a large corporate entity, what becomes of that unique character is an open question.

For the rest, click over to The New York Times.

More details at Huffington Post, cough, AOL.


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16 Responses to “Huffington Post, new media pioneer, sells out.”

  1. Erin says:

    This royally SUCKS!

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  3. TamingAuthor says:

    You should get money from Soros like she did. Your soul could be put up for sale as well. What the heck. You never thought she was truthful or ethical or honest, did you?

  4. lighthasmass says:

    Homogenizing independent voices…. if they are loud enough.

  5. jane doe says:

    Not at all happy about this, though I am assured by those who know her that she will remain in charge of HuffPo content. I hope that's true.

  6. bad, bad, bad, bad, bad …

  7. i and I says:

    No problem. I always had a bad feeling about the HP style. A bit to self-satisfied and I could sense she and the feed were just waiting and hoping for a buyout, but AOL? There is no lower point on the curve. Might as well sell the feed to Earthlink as well.

  8. Guy Liesure says:

    Wait Waylon writes for HP and EJ .

    Does this mean that Elephant is next in line to be acquired.
    How does this effect, or not, the cross promotional agreement?
    If Elephant is bought by AOL will Waylon and Adriana need to wear a visible AOL logo at all times.

    How much is EJ worth?

    Waylon please respond ! !

  9. dan says:

    That is funny if you’re joking, sad pointing otherwise.

  10. Guy Leisure says:

    I am just amazed at how fast things change.
    1 year ago EJ was begging for dimes to stay up. The $1/month promotion was brilliant and it appears to have worked.
    Now one of EJ's few peers just sold for what over 300 Million. Granted EJ does not have the depth of HP and it is a bit more socialized but still . .
    don't you want to know some of those answers too?

  11. I honestly believe in my heart, with all my dealings with Waylon and the guys, I don't feel they could ever sell out, no matter the dollar size!

  12. Freda says:

    Sounds like sour grapes from Elephant Journal. I wonder if you feel stupid that you wrote for free for Huff Post. Just don't understand where this women failed. Sounds like success to me.

  13. dan says:

    oopls, I meant to reply to the Soros ekh below… oh well. This buy is about ads and is not necessarily a bad thing for HuffPo or EJ or the “dynamic” media’s environment. I’m reflexively against consolidation, but the ideas of Patch and especially Seed have much more potential than aol’s dialup, mapquest and moviephone can give, so this could be great (but kiss your small town paper goodbye). Today’s fb and twitter are tomorrows friendsters and aols, and that includes Huff which made its way on celebrity gossip and unpaid content (bloggers and commenters) and the panache of Huff herself. Eagle Publications owns Regnery, and Human Events, with a successful “synergy” of advertising between them (and most tv ads are 20% self-advertising)… more “synergy” and that panache could do the lets-not-all-kill-each-other crowd some real good (presuming Huff herself actually has editorial control).

    Mostly unrelated, but I feel this awesomest action movie ever accurately expresses the fears of an out of control HuffPo:

  14. Bearie says:

    Actually, this might be a good thing.

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