Irish artist seeks royalties for iconic Ché Guevara image.

Via Tobye Hillier
on Feb 16, 2011
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Famous poster that Jim Fitzpatrick made of Che...
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The Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick has launched a campaign to legally retrieve all royalties for his iconic picture of Ché Guevara Lynch.

The picture, found on coffee cups, t-shirts and cigarette lighters all over the world is based on a photograph by Cuban photographer Alberto Korda. Korda also never recieved any royalties for his picture, which The Maryland Institute of Art called;  “the most famous photograph in the world and a symbol of the 20th century”

“The various posters of Ché I produced were based on a photograph by a then unknown Cuban photographer plus the fact that I had met him, idolised him, and of course wanted to make sure he was never forgotten. I made all the Guevara images copyright free. That’s how it spread everywhere so quickly.” Says Fitzpatrick on his website

Jim Fitzpatrick, who is mostly known in Ireland for his work on the Irish band Thin Lizzy‘s album artwork, says he wants the royalties for his iconic painting to pay for humanitarian work in Guevara’s adopted country Cuba.

“If some good can come of that through future money raised for hospitals and the likes, then I will be very happy indeed,” said Fitzpatrick.


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2 Responses to “Irish artist seeks royalties for iconic Ché Guevara image.”

  1. elephantjournal says:

    brilliant comment via

    Jon Messersmith The irony layered onto a couple of layers of hilariously obvious hypocrisy twist the mind on this one.

    Katie Y ‎@Jon Why? I don't understand your comment.

    Jon Messersmith
    ‎@Katie Well for starters I find it amusing that people are fighting over the bourgeois notion of "royalties" over ownership of an image of Che, the icon of communist revolution in Cuba and elsewhere. To further enrich the comedy, the art…ist who made the original picture is claiming to only want to donate said royalties to help the people of Cuba, who need the help primarily because they were led into the long term grinding poverty and military rule they now suffer under by the communist revolution that Che promoted. Multi-dimensional irony.

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