Ann Coulter: you know you’re off the deep (Right) end when Bill O’Reilly is calling you back to shore.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Mar 19, 2011
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Ms. Ann Coulter, you wanna test your theory out for us and go hang around Fukushima?

Good, god help us. That fails, oh Bill, please step in and set her…right.

Interesting to see her quote the New York Times, and a scientist—a Jewish one, at that. Not normal references for Ms. Coulter. Next thing you know, she’ll be quoting a member of the LGBT community.


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9 Responses to “Ann Coulter: you know you’re off the deep (Right) end when Bill O’Reilly is calling you back to shore.”

  1. kajyoga says:

    sometimes i am really glad i live in brazil and at times simply cannot understand the no-doubt equivalent kind
    of dumb ass things politicians and commentators say. honestly, right now, that is what ann coulter thinks is important
    for people to know. i, for one, already knew that small amounts of radiation would not kill me. but now back to japan.

  2. Kristen says:

    hmmm, I wonder how much the nuclear industry is paying her to debate pro-radiation?

  3. Maybe she's quote elephant journal next 🙂

  4. TimesNewRoman says:

    Ann Coulter is an angry, malicious, and mean-spirited hater. I try not to wish bad things for people, but I can't help but hope she is run over by a bus one day.

  5. Jenny says:

    And the 4,000 cases of thyroid cancer among those effected by the Chernobyl disaster was Really caused by… Answer Ann? Of course there were many other illnesses and deaths associated with Chernobyl…

  6. Ahimsa says:

    I still don't understand how someone like Ann Coulter is considered a "conservative". I think we really need to rethink what the terms conservative and liberal have come to mean. She is SO far out there!

  7. Bud Wilson says:

    Perfect Ann, what a master manipulator of anything based upon consensus science and observations of reality – She is the ultimate corporate apologist with an intentional agenda to spread confusion and doubt as a distraction to anything and everything that is important! She is a pathetic, self serving human being. Oops, I forgot my practice of compassion and kindness. Can we love her awake?

  8. tjlucca says:

    I tried to listen, but whenever I hear Ann Coulter's voice my ears start ringing. Some strange pavlovian hip-check, to be sure. Her Karma is her own…

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