Bag it! Boulder : Time for Boulder to Break Up with Plastic

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on Mar 17, 2011
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Every so often, a relationship just grows sour. Don’t be upset. It’s just a part of life. Things will just come in and out of your life as if they never existed in the first place. Pepsi Clear. Your once-yearly fling with Girl Scout cookies. A gelatinous blob of “meat” called the McRib. It’s time to add plastic bags to the list of break ups.

(Limit the use of plastic bags. Sign our petition)

In Boulder, Colorado, we have the opportunity to not only protect our environment, but critically shift the paradigm of things-to-carry-groceries-or-pick-up-dog-poop-with. By limiting the use of plastic bags, Ireland saw a 95% reduction in plastic litter on their hillsides. The amount of oil used to make your car go one mile is the same amount used to make about 14 plastic bags. On top of that? It takes about 1,000 years for them to degrade. Gross.

If the first thing you thought of was, “How am I going to pick up my dog’s poop?” Worry not, dearest reader, as there are biodegradable pick-up bags at your nearest PetSmart. And, they’re cheap!

Besides taking active steps in your own life to limit your plastic use, here’s how you can help politically : Sign our petition. City Council is going to need to know it has the support of the public before it takes on such an initiative. If you think breaking up with plastic is a good idea, get out that gallon of ice cream, sign our petition and get movin’ on. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Many of them are canvass.


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Andrew Whitehead is a soon-to-be graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder with a degree in Environmental Studies. He grew up in the grand country of Ireland, which is probably where he began to develop his exquisite beer palate. After moving to Wayne, Pennsylvania, Andrew became seriously passionate about the environment and strives to spread his awareness with anyone willing to listen. In his free time he loves to play hockey and soccer as well as go hiking. All that know him well fear his obsession with goats will land him a staring role on the well-known American TV show “Hoarders”.


3 Responses to “Bag it! Boulder : Time for Boulder to Break Up with Plastic”

  1. Emily says:

    This is AWESOME! Thanks for posting!

  2. I do hate seeing people buy items in wahoo, that have their own packaging, that are small enough to carry, and place it in a carrier bag. Even though they are probably only walking two mins back to the office to throw the bag in the bin. When I was in the south of France, they didn't offer bags paper or plastic. If you bought a lot the offered fruit trays (those card board boxes) or expected you to bring your own carriers.

    Even worse is if you get your shopping delivered and the driver has packed it 5 items per plastic carrier, then placed it on stray to carry it to your home…why use the carrier in the first place!

    1 backpack, and a couple of "bags for life"…who needs plastic or paper! Yeah this is one of my passions to stop litter 🙂

  3. Thanks autocorrect… wahoo = store