Charlie Sheen, Gaddafi & the Astrology of “Meltdown.”

Via Sam Geppi
on Mar 1, 2011
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First of all let me begin this article to spare myself the hate mail and dispel the notion that I’m making any qualitative comparisons between these two individuals.

I would not for one second compare Gaddafi to a spoiled, American brat of an actor who refuses to grow up and appreciate his privilege, potentially making a difference in the world, (or at least to his family), rather than live the life of useless, vapid hedonism. No, not at all. That would be an insult to ruthless dictators the world over.

Of course, that is a terrible joke, and obviously one I couldn’t resist.

But seriously, I’m fascinated by these parallel stories playing out in front of us now. How frightening it is to watch these two stories, one about Charlie Sheen and the other concerning the Libyan people and their dictator, El Gaddafi.

Charlie Sheen is coming unglued before our very eyes. This man is going through some serious mental problems right now. He in serious crisis and denial. Of course, Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi engenders much less personal sympathy, as he holds onto power in spite of the obvious need to let his people live freely after more than 40 years of dictatorial rule.

Let’s look at the comparisons between these two peoples lives, albeit in very different cultures and circumstances.


  • Charlie Sheen surrounds himself with porn stars, entitlement and hedonism.
  • Gaddafi has for decades traveled with a bevy of young, buxom nurses and certainly has benefited from the spoils of Libyan riches.


  • Charlie Sheen is perhaps the most high-profile TV star on the most successful TV show, a real king in his own right, established as an actor since childhood due to his father, Martin Sheen. His reckless decisions to persist in a lifestyle of entitlement have negatively affected the lives of many crew and workers on his show.
  • Gaddafi is head of the country, an obvious “king”, whose current recklessness and sense of entitlement is adversely affecting the march of progress and millions in his sphere os influence. Both have many who depend on them and both are failing them due to mental illness.


  • A few weeks ago Charlie Sheen attacked his producers verbally, and others related to the show, blaming them for many of his current business problems.
  • Gaddafi has blamed practically every body, from Al Qaeda to “foreigners” for instigating his current problems. Yet, both men are obviously the Masters of their destinies and have persisted in their boorish behaviors for many years.

Delusions of “Victory”:

  • Both men persist in delusional statements that revolve around “victory and winning”. Charlie Sheen keeps using this word over and over again, obsessively.
  • Gaddafi still insists how much “the people love him” and that he will not go, in spite of constant calls for his departure.

The Astrology of it All

As an astrologer, I was fascinated to see what are the similarities in their charts and how are those things being influenced now. Both men have Jupiter in sidereal Gemini. At this time, the South node is transiting over their Jupiter placements.

Jupiter is the planet of grandiose ideas, optimism, purpose and hope. It is also an important planet to male “leaders”. The South Node is a scrutinizing and magnifying factor and the “completer of karmas”. Gemini is a sign of communication and speech.

We are seeing some major cycles completing for both of these men around such issues – exaggerated, disconnected communications in the face of intense scrutiny.

* NOTE – This is a very quick and simple assessment.

With Gadhafi the transit just happened. With Charlie Sheen, it will be exact in a few weeks. (See the Charts to the left. The red dots show the Jupiter’s in Gemini on the charts of Sheen, Gadaafi and currently).

To make it more complex with Charlie Sheen, his Moon is opposite that Jupiter at about 2° Sagittarius and is getting an exact transit from the North node, Rahu, also. That transit has not perfected yet and if he does not do something quick, he will be in serious trouble in 6 weeks when that North node hits his Moon to the exact degree. (See the bright green dots on the Sheen chart and the current one).

Rahu / Moon connections show addictions, delusion and mental illness. For Charlie Sheen, this transit is taking place in his eighth house (Taurus ascendant), a house of danger and where often the consequences of our mistakes are high. As a point of context, Britney Spears meltdown a couple of years ago, with head-shaving etc., happened in her Rahu / Moon cycle. Sheen also has retrograde Saturn in transit over his Debilitated Venus (the consequences of hedonism and disrespect for others).

By the way, these transits are the same regardless of Western or Vedic astrology, they are based on absolute positions in the sky.

Both of these men are in serious, serious trouble.

Our hearts go out to Charlie Sheen. May he get a handle on his addictions and the deeper problems that cause them.

Our hearts go out to the Libyan people and maybe experience a smooth transition to the freedom and democracy all human beings deserve.


About Sam Geppi

Sam Geppi is a Vedic astrologer, and teacher. He is the author of "The Ascendant-108 Planets of Vedic Astrology." You can learn more about the universe and why astrology makes sense by checking out his Free Astrology Class CD, his Facebook and his Membership Website.


10 Responses to “Charlie Sheen, Gaddafi & the Astrology of “Meltdown.””

  1. Waylon says:

    Love it, Sam, might be the first astrology column I've ever read! Yes, literally! You got me. ~ Waylon

  2. Kara lukowski says:

    I was wondering about Sheen’s chart…fascinating!

  3. SriDTMc says:

    cool. @walkthetalkshow tweeted this article

  4. Mara says:

    Interestingly, when Gaddafi first came into power, I remember in well, he was considered a progressive man, opening up professions for women which other Muslim countries would not allow women into. He was friends with the green party in Germany too and invited them over to party in his tend. In fact his green book was considered progressive. So what happened ever since then?

    All the forces at play are not so easy to understand when one includes the politics of oil, overpopulation which overgrow the carrying-capacity of these countries real fast. In all honesty, even if democracy is coming to these countries, if people do not get their basic needs met, and I doubt they will be met at this point (we are in the "peak oil" age now), every leader will experience uprising, unrest, etc. Only through honesty and introducing sustainability concepts this will change.

    Perhaps the West will go in their to protect the oil pipelines (not the people, of course.. ?), and we may have another war which we can't afford. Liyia exports only 2 percent of the oil to the world but from what I heard it is enough to get the gas prices sky rocket and the "false recovery" re-evaluated.

    Just see what happens in Egypt here:
    I wonder if similar numbers are available for Libya in which case their future will be rather bleak unless they all become gardeners, which might not be so bad if the IMF stays put.

    I think all these countries are in deep trouble… and I am not sure how peace will be established when resources are becoming scarce and people continue to make babies.

    Anyway, lets hope for the best… I am not sure how countries can be run honestly during this time. I feel sorry for anybody who is in leadership position during peak oil times… including Obama, who also is too afraid to tell the truth as this would crash the economy. The West may have a revolution too o the economy declines relentlessly 3-5% a year because of peak oil and not creating alternatives in a timely fashion.

    Later we may find out, that these dictators, even they repressed their own people, managed to at least not go to war. I wonder actually, if these countries will sink into anarchy at the end. They can't be ruled really at this stage as debt and the IMF is suffocating all countries on Earth. Remember, that whatever these dictators do, they may ultimately have killed less than the West in Iraq and Afghanistan. What I want to say… we are really not any better than them, really, just look how the poor are treated in the USA. If they get a handout they get despised but the corporations and banks need social services which our grandkids have to pay for… well, the next 20 years sure will be very different than the last from what I can see what has been created. We have now a oligarchy and corporation dictates what happened in the US… It's gonna be horrible for all life… but so far, individually we may still have a nice life slipping through the suffering all around us… We can do service though of that is our calling.

    I bet the youth of the world will unite to fight for the left overs of the American dream… It's not gonna be fun! Anyway, I wish Gaddafi would just have introduced elections in the beginning. That would have helped a lot. I sure wonder where this attachment to power comes from astrologically.

  5. ARCreated says:

    very interesting. I guess as a "dabbler' in astrology…ie: i read my horoscope and dont' do anything with it 🙂 I am fascinated with this…it really stands to reason. I mean I "feel" the full moon, and other shifts in the energy of the world — so why wouldn't someone else be drastically effected especially if they are out of tune already…I love how this doesn't "excuse" or explain away but rather shows how full awareness can help us construct our lives in a healthier way…thanks for an interesting and new perspective on these two disturbing lives.

  6. samgeppi says:

    thanks for your comment. I am glad you resonated with this approach to astrology.

  7. Richard says:

    How can I contact you re: a reading?

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