March 2, 2011

Cvnt Dracula: the Tee.

The Cvnt Dracula Taboo-Opening Tee? Brilliant.

Can we look at everything without condemning or closing to anything but just openly, even humorously seeing things as they are? In the spirit of the Vagina Monologues…I think…comes a limited edition tee shirt via elephriend Tod Brilliant. ~ Waylon Lewis, #elej ed.

It’s a pre-order $30, organic made in USA shirt, approx. 8 week delivery. strictly limited to 50 and signed by the world’s largest cunt, Tod Brilliant.

Via the designer/troublemaker Tod Brilliant:

“The series has been a lot of fun. And you’d be shocked (maybe) by how few people will meet my eye or make a comment when I’m sporting the shirt. That was a big part of the experiment/experience for me:  What is the nature of offense? How do words trigger strangers when deployed publicly? I was certain at least one woman would take me to task, giving me the opportunity to try to engage about the nature of the offense, and what preconceptions and historical references are at play. But, no.

So far, only Facebook has really given me this peek into the what and why of ‘curse crime’. I’m going on too long about this, but it’s all part of what I’m calling “Full Range Humanism” and deals with questions of morals/deities/good/evil/right/wrong and how much of it all is illusory/unnecessary if one can simply experience the native, full-range of the human experience without judging and with minimal imprinting. You’ve seen this idea presented many ways . . . I’m just coming into it on my own, finally, and it’s quite a rush. I feel like such an ignorant baby, of a sudden. A foolish, mewling baby. It’s great!


Edition #1 of  5 limited edition C-Shirts.  Signed edition of 50 (16 have sold in first 12 hours). First come, first served. These 100% cotton, made in USA high quality organic cotton t-shirts (http://groceriesapparel.com/) will be screenprinted by artists in Brooklyn and delivered to you for only $30+ shipping.

WANT ONE? Message Tod Brilliant at tod at todbrilliant dot com

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD as Tod would like to sell out and move on to the next edition.


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