March 23, 2011

Discover Vibration

Everything in the Universe is vibration))))))))))))) and resonance (((((((((((((including YOU.

How to recognize your vibration?

In its simplest form, vibration can be considered to be the oscillation or repetitive motion of an object around an equilibrium position. The equilibrium position is the position the object will attain when the force acting on it is zero.

The vibration of an object is always caused by an excitation force. This force may be externally applied to the object, or it may originate inside the object. It will be seen later that the rate (frequency) and magnitude of the vibration of a given object is completely determined by the excitation force, direction, and frequency.

The fastest way to know the vibration you are at this moment is to empty your time of  “must do’s”, clear your calendar ahead, no plans and no scheduling, no anticipation, no expectation, no judgment…just give yourself the gift of free time...Then observe what you do.

Most likely,  you won’t know what to do with yourself, you will be restless for a moment or two, your mind will race you from thought to thought (in repetition), you will feel guilty for taking free time off, you will get anxious about the money you are not making while taking time out from the rat race, you will look for company, you will turn the TV on, watch a movie, maybe two, listen to the radio, read the newspaper, call your friends, get drunk, get high, get crazy…? Eventually, stillness and silence will come and with it the opportunity to see yourself clearly. Now, listen, this is you, your vibration. And then remember that vibration of a given object is completely determined by the excitation force, direction, and frequency.

What excites you? What is your direction? What is your frequency? What do you do when vibrating? With who and what do you resonate? What vibration are you in relation to this beautiful  Earth and others? Is everything you do on a regular basis a vibrating choice you experience with awareness? Or is your life a vibrating conditioning from your environment and judgments?

Do you know yourself?

Do you like yourself?

You know…”everything is what we make of it”…”your thoughts manifest your reality”…”the world is only a projection of your mind”, “you get what you ask for”, “the WORD created the world” … we are in the era of Quantum Physics, more and more discoveries are confirming that there are multiple dimensions of awareness existing at the same time, and the one you choose will manifest the way you live and what happens to you.

Are you using your words properly? Are you saying “I love…” more than “I hate…”? Are you observing the mandalas you are creating with your word? By now, probably you have seen the photography taken from water molecules exposed to different word vibrations, the most beautiful of them being “Thank you”. You probably have seen the awful form the word of “hate” forms in the water molecule. You probably know, we are made of water ourselves. You know all this. Why are you still talking unaware of the creative power your words have? Why are you still creating unnecessary suffering with your words?

In the other hand, if you are already using the power of your words to create the world…thank you.

Thank you…what a discovery.



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Read 4 comments and reply

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