March 6, 2011

Green Shooting Range! ~ Joe Yeoman

Photo: JMRosenfeld

Republicans, Democrats, Independents, eco-responsible types and Sarah Palinites alike can rejoice. According to Earth Techling, a $2.9 million dollar, anti-terrorist, “green” shooting range is going to be built in Jackson, Mississippi.

Outdoor firing ranges, according to GreenHouse Holdings, have detrimental environmental impact due to lead seepage from bullets into the ground. GreenHouse’s indoor Tactical Training System makes use of the company’s sustainable bullet trapping system, capable of containing 7.62 caliber rounds at a maximum distance of 30 meters.

Photo: JMRosenfeld

Market Wire also states:

Users of the sustainable training facility are expected to include the United States Marine Corps, National Park Service, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, the Mississippi Highway Patrol, Mississippi Alcohol Law Enforcement, Mississippi Department of Corrections and other fire and rescue departments. The facility will also be used to train U.S. Coast Guard personnel responsible for Maritime Security.

“As public safety enforcement work becomes increasingly dangerous, proper firearms training is more critical than ever to the safety of those men and women who serve and protect American citizens,” remarked John Galt, Executive Chairman and co-founder for GreenHouse Holdings, Inc. “We provide the most sustainable and innovative environment for highly skilled training in an assortment of tools and disciplines in a wide variety of settings.”

They will also use “green” ammunition that the US Army has been manufacturing for years.

As a “gun-guy” (I worked at a hunting preserve and gun club while living in Iowa), I enjoy going down to the range, lockin’-n-loadin’, and obliterating clay pigeon after clay pigeon. I refuse to hunt for multiple reasons—for one, I don’t have the heart.

But clay pigeons? Destroy.

As an environmentalist—I do work elephant journal as an intern, for god’s sake—I can see where a shooting range is particularly damning to Mother Earth. It is nice to see the coming together of both Red and Blue to create a program that keeps both nature and shotguns in mind.

Go America!


Joe Yeoman loves you. He is an MFA candidate at the Jack Kerouac School. As a displaced Chicago writer and editor, he hopes to see the Windy City soon. You can contact him at Joeyeoman [at] gmail [dot] com. Follow him on twitter @themindfullife, @walkthetalkshow, and @joeyeoman. Friend him of Facebook.

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