March 19, 2011

Healing is easy: some evidence!

After writing this morning about How healing / personal development / therapy became super-fast and easy! I received a beautiful email from a client that I worked with via skype last week.

In the ‘client information’ document that she returned to me, she stated clearly the issues that she wanted to work on:

“ 1. Depression and sadness triggered by relationship problems: self destructive behavior – smoking weed, overeating and loss of joy in food/cooking, loss of sexual desire, apathy, wanting to sleep all day, isolating myself, finding very little to be happy about, feeling empty, increasing bouts of crying, some suicidal thoughts (not serious) (more warning sign to myself), lack of interest in most things except teaching yoga and my yoga practice.

2. Relationship breakdown due to an incident of violence and the above.”

This client is a yoga teacher, and balanced her problems with a regular yoga practice.

We had one session three days ago, and today I received this email from her.

“Hi Ben,

Just some feedback after the session:

I felt lighter, unburdened and not so emotionally charged in the days following the session. Often happy. Less sad.

Still have some negative behaviour (smoking) but I feel that it more linked to dealing with my relationship and the sadness I feel over it’s break-down.

Almost instantly a deep pain I had in my shoulder and neck shifted and though there was a slight ghost of it coming back to linger – it is definitely out the door.

I feel more connected to people (like my Mother/friends); rather like there was a person in me for others to connect to. Open and able to receive.

And very simply I noticed and welcomed a feeling of strength/grounded-ness and as if a ‘survival/fear reflex had been switched off’.

Even the way I spoke was noticeably different as if I could express myself quite clearly and without a previous reactivity/sensitivity.

Very curious indeed and Wow!”

This is the result of a single 2-hour session. I’m constantly amazed at the seemingly miraculous power of this therapy. But as I wrote in the article I linked to above, healing should be fast, easy, and fun. We are meant to happy. It’s our natural state.

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