March 8, 2011

Photo: Most Wasteful Sign of the Apocalypse Yet!

And: “Pre-Peeled, Re-Wrapped Bananas Are The Most Wasteful Sign Of The Apocalypse Yet.”

‘Natural Energy Snack on the Go’!

Stupidest Company Product Ever? Individually Plastic-Wrapped Bananas are…Bananas.

The Del Monte bananas will be marketed under the slogan ‘Natural Energy Snack on the Go’…The company claims that the bag contains ‘Controlled Ripening Technology’ – which extends the shelf-life of the banana by up to six days.

The bananas will cost about six times the “au naturel” price.

A critic:

‘Every year it costs councils more than £600million in taxes to send waste to landfill. Councils and residents have made great steps in bringing that cost down by increasing recycling but we need the food industry to do much more to reduce the amount of unnecessary packaging.’


James Harvey, Del Monte’s UK managing director, told the Fresh Produce Journal: ‘Del Monte’s new CRT packaging is designed to provide significant carbon footprint savings by reducing the frequency of deliveries and the amount of waste going to landfill. The packaging is also recyclable.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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