Japanese workers aren’t heroes, they’re victims.

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on Mar 16, 2011
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I hate + fear nuclear energy. Japanese workers aren’t heroes, they’re victims of short-sighted worldwide politics.

“The workers who cleaned up after Chernobyl were rotated through fairly quickly and did not seem to suffer many excess cancers. This experience has provided epidemiologists useful data on radiation exposure.”

A child inspected for radiation in Fukushima, click to go to BoingBoing:

A twitter conversation, below:

@blackdogworld: Heroic Fukushima Workers Face Staggering Risks – Yahoo! News http://yhoo.it/hTABK2 Honor, respect, prayers for these brave people

@waylonlewis: They’re suckers. Our suckers. We want energy, force nuclear down throats of citizens, then call them heroes 4 dealing w our mess. RT @Blackdogworld: Heroic Fukushima Workers Face Staggering Risks – Yahoo! News http://yhoo.it/hTABK2 Honor, respect, prayers for these brave people

Then, another admittedly emotional tweet:

@waylonlewis RT @postcarbon: In case you forgot the reasons to oppose nuclear power: http://bit.ly/dJCLZC

@d3sperad0: You gave two emotional responses to nuclear power as reasons against it: fear and hate. neither of those support the conclusion

@waylonlewis: good point. See latest tweet > postcarboon: reasons not2go nuclear. Kinda obvious right now why life hates + fears nuclear?

I am emotional about this. Not enough, daresay. We all should be emotional about this. Even without such accidents—which, via increased storms due to climate change, may increase in frequency—there is no safe way to dispose of nuclear waste. None. ~ ed.




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5 Responses to “Japanese workers aren’t heroes, they’re victims.”

  1. elephantjournal says:

    Kate Bee I hate and fear nuclear energy too

    Maggie Szeliga I agree

    elephantjournal.com Please comment above, if you like–I got a little blowback from saying nuclear = bad. Even environmentalists have been leaning toward calling it okay, forgetting that there's no safe way to dispose of it, it's deadly, it's forever, and accidents happen. Again. And again. ~ W.

    Dianne Rohr I am inclined to agree.

  2. elephantjournal says:

    This lauding of heroes reminds me of Republicans re 9/11. Then, it comes time to take care of their health care bills, those that are left, 10 years later, and all the patriots who rushed to praise are missing. Let's treat heroes how they should be treated…by not getting them into this situation in the first place by putting nuclear plants in danger zones or near any form of sentient life (you know, planet earth) until we've figured out how to keep them safe.

    Until then, go with wind, solar, why not? China is heating half its water via solar water heaters on roofs.

  3. Kate Bee says:

    We all campaigned against it in the 80s, I reserve the right to know wholeheartedly that use of nuclear energy is just WRONG, it may well produce lots of power easily but HOW SHORT-SIGHTED IS THAT AS AN ARGUMENT FOR IT? We are ALL affected by what's going on in Japan, we all live in the same goldfish bowl! What's happening in Japan is the exact reason that nuclear power is wrong..I feel so angry, at a really deep primal level, that some business person has given themselves the right to render our beautiful, unique planet toxic. Ultimately that is what has happened, Anyone who 'blew back' about an anti-nuclear stance needs to remove their blinkers and look ahead…it is sheer folly not to look to the end of any proposed cycle of action, if they look ahead they will see that there is NO end to the nuclear fission cycle. Chernobyl blew in 1986 I believe, every summer now 25years later,a group of 'lucky' children from that area are brought to West Cork in Ireland, after a month in the clean environment those children go back home NOT looking like cancer patients, and a year later their health is is STILL better than the ones who didn't come to Ireland. Any so-called environmentalists who favour nuclear energy are only looking at a short-term economic environment, a true environmentalist is looking at the earth and the people. We have the capacity to be energetically self-reliant as individuals and small communities,it just means there won't be any huge profit to be monopolised by a corporate giant…and THAT is the truth

  4. elephantjournal says:

    Didn't seem to mention it above, but this whole treatment reminds me of the Right's adulation of 9/11 heroes, rescue workers, fire fighters…only to forget and willfully ignore their health (those still alive) 10 years later until embarrassed into supporting Dem's by an effing talk show host.
    ~ Waylon

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