Jessica Alba, The New Martha Stewart

Via Tanya Lee Markul
on Mar 12, 2011
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I saw this little excerpt online today about how at Jessica Alba’s baby shower, the girls got into some DIY paper flowers (on recycled paper, of course) – and what a cool idea it is! So, being a DIY gift-maker and crafty connoisseur myself, I couldn’t help but to share these fun little crafties.

1. One of Martha’s crafts of the day: The DIY Shamrock Boutonniere. St. Patrick’s day is right around the corner, so what the craic? What doesn’t go better with a pint of green beer than a homemade shamrock boutonniere?!

2. The die-hard scrapbook. I LOVE this one. Scrapbooks are full of life, creativity, love and emotion. So go on, make one of your own and include your family, friends, your travels or your yoga journey. Have a scrapbook meet up and when you’re finished put it on the coffee table!

3. Faux Boi Embroidery. No brown recycled paper bag or canvas will ever be the same! Embroider a paper gift bag with someone’s name on it or embroider a canvas using nature as your inspiration – very cool art for your home or someone else’s.

4. Penant flags. Welcome Home, Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays, your favorite asanas, mantras, you name it, make a pennant flag of it.

5. Patchwork quilt. A friend of mine just made the cutest quilt for a ‘soon to be parents’ couple. She asked for a piece of fabric from their friends and families and sewed it all together. So when the baby came, it could be held and supported from of all its loved ones. Aw.

6. Origami. Making it’s way from the 17th century; origami has become a modern art form. From plants to boxes, dragons, insects and mammals, the opportunities and skill set are limitless. Spend some time making origami while sending love and whispering prayers to our friends, family and to all life in Japan.

7. Beads. Beads can be used for so many things. Make a pendant lamp, curtains, a necklace, bracelets or prayer beads. Share them with friends, students and loved ones.

8. Paper flowers. I love this one (and so does Jessica Alba obviously). They last longer and are even better if made from recycled paper.

9. Clip art and labels. It’s fun to get organized! Make labels for baked goods, jelly jars, gift bags, scrapbook layouts, drink tags, spices, yoga mat storage racks or jars of loose leaf tea.

10. Collage. Make a picture with old photos or old magazines or you can also collage a box. A couple of Christmas’s ago, a friend of mine made me a collage box with beautiful black and white photos – I loved it.

Some very cool sites I’ve come across include The Crafting Chicks, Etsy, Scrapblog and I’m sure there are a trillion others.

What are your favorite crafts and where do you go for craftin’?


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4 Responses to “Jessica Alba, The New Martha Stewart”

  1. yogiclarebear says:

    Not sure how Jessica Alba's ass has much to do with crafts, but I've lately had fun making my own chalkboards with sheet metal, old picture frames, and chalkboard spray paint. Esty is so full of inspiration!

  2. LOL – I agree, but it was either a photo of paper flowers or Alba's booty – decided to go with the latter to be a bit provocative and it was her little DIY that gave me the inspiration to write the article. 😛 Etsy is definitely full of inspiration – I discovered them about a year ago – I love the idea!!

  3. by the way, would love to see one of your chalkboards!