March 1, 2011

Quotable Insights: Success Through the Self

Like many people, I find quotes to be exceptionally inspiring. It is truly amazing how a particular sequence of words can change your entire mood, perspective, and overall outlook on life. Quotes can take on an entire life of their own … and that’s what I’m here to explore. In each “Quotable Insights” post, I’ll share one of my favorite quotes, along with an expanded contemplation on its meaning.

“Self-acceptance leads to success, not the other way around.” – Deepak Chopra

We each have our own definition of “success”. For some, it is a foreign car, big house, and expensive vacations. For others, success means being debt-free, loving their job, and spending lots of time with family & friends. No matter what you personal definition of success is, you aren’t going to get there from where you are now.

Why? Because you’ve probably put your pursuit of success ahead of your personal health.

From a very young age, we are ingrained with the notion that “success” must be achieved as fast as possible, and once you are “successful”, life will be perfect. The problem is that we are forced to decide what our definition of success is before we are 20 years old. We are far too young & naive to know what we really want & need, and what is truly best for us as individuals.

Life is journey – a journey we begin the day we are born & that continues to morph each and every day. In turn, our definition of success will be transformed with each new person we meet, job we work, book we read, and place we visit. As we change, the “success” we yearn for changes.

How can you reach “success” if you don’t know what “success” means to you? You can’t know what your definition of success is until you know yourself honestly & deeply. Do things that scare you. Cry countless tears. Talk to strangers. Make mistakes and own up to them. Let everyone into your heart.

What we often believe to be our genuine self is nothing more than a composite of modern culture. Take nothing at face value. Investigate every subject and hobby with child-like curiosity. Try things you assume you won’t like.

Make self-exploration & self-acceptance your primary life goals – “success” will naturally follow.

How do you interpret this quote?

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