Republicans vs. Teachers.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Mar 1, 2011
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Jon Stewart joins Republicans in protecting 2% Richest against greedy middle class teachers.

And all these years I was under the silly impression that teachers ought to make more..! More than, say, bankers.

My mom’s a lifelong teacher. The idea that any grade school teacher is in the profession ’cause it’s easy and a nice way to get rich…would be laughable, except that it now seems to be the view of Republican and Fox attack dogs.

Enjoy your new America, fat cats! Without a middle class, you’ll never be able to leave your gated community.



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7 Responses to “Republicans vs. Teachers.”

  1. Savannah says:

    I don't think I will ever understand how it came to be that teachers are among the most unrespected people in our country. They should be paid triple what they are.

  2. Hilary Lindsay says:

    "Enjoy your new America, fat cats! Without a middle class, you’ll never be able to leave your gated community."

    Yup. I live in a town where people who make a decent living. (I think that's over $250,000 a year according to Fox News via Michelle Bachman) send their kids to private schools. I used to think about this statement quite a bit when I first moved here. Go John go! I just love when he gets furious.

  3. Dave says:

    Our future depends on educating our youth not waging terribly expensive wars in the Middle East.

  4. theodorej says:

    Dave I could not agree with you more,however,educating our youth is a personal responsibility…..Let us take a look at our goverment run system of education ……The US was once at the top of the heap in every catagory of subject matter,today we are ranking between 15 and 48 on a scale of a hundred and with every year and every administration the costs keep going up and the results keep getting worse….Iam a reasonable man,but ,from the time the Dept. of Education was formed during the Carter Administration and teachers and administrators became public servants by virtue of collective bargaining through unionization the expenses have sky rocketed….The average teachers pension in New York is $60 thousand dollars….The people who produce wealth are hurting this cannot go on much longer and it is not only the teachers it is all public servants compensation that needs to be adjusted so as secure a future..

  5. theodorej says:

    Greetings Savannah…… Lets take a look at their report card….the results are dismal….and the existing unionized faction work to secure more money while preventing any alternatives,such as charter schools and vouchers…Take a look at Washington DCs public schools…..The answer is NO MORE MONEY for the government run education and develope a competitive school system with subsidies…..

  6. theodorej says:

    When we speak of middle class let us not forget that the stats include combined salaries before taxes and BTW a family with two working public employess fall into this category with significant numbers….Nassau County Long Island NY has corrections officers earning over two hundred thousand dollars a year(with over time)…Hows that for the epitemy of counter productivity….

  7. theo,

    I think there are good and bad teachers and the bad ones should lose their jobs. After that, if the education system is failing and we have good teachers we have to look for the source of the problem. There are many power plays in the education system. I know that from having friends and family who are teachers. There are programs that keep teachers from doing a good job. There are programs that predicate success on test scores. There are programs that mandate core curriculum. Funding is cut and so the kids have no phys ed or arts and they need that to flourish.

    Public education is the best thing we have and we need to fix that. Taking away teacher's pensions or salaries or stability is not the answer.