The Spiritual Angle Of Science~ March 12th.

Via Benjamin Riggs
on Mar 12, 2011
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Or the scientific angle of spirituality…

In the scientific world conclusions are deduced via the scientific method. This method begins with asking a question. Then you investigate this question, and construct a hypothesis. Next, you test your hypothesis through experimentation. Finally, you arrive at a conclusion. In the Buddhist world, it isn’t much different…

We begin with a problem— the problem of our own dissatisfaction. Then we ask the question, “What is it that gives rise to this dissatisfaction?” Having considered the question and investigated the causes that give rise to our dissatisfaction, we form a hypothesis— a possible resolution to the problem of human suffering. Finally, we take our hypothesis to the path.

Of course, the language describing this process is a bit different, but the dynamics of the process are the same, because both disciplines are looking for a direct encounter with truth.

In the video below Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize winning chemist, explains the process in his own language… With far more depth and clarity. Oh, not to mention, far more charisma and humor. Enjoy! It is a brilliant talk by a truly brilliant man…

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