March 6, 2011

Why people lie?

If you consider yourself a yogi, it is a sure thing you follow one of the basic Namas in the path: To be truthful. In which case, you know that lying disrupts the order in the Universe, and order is a huge happening when we talk about the Cosmos. When order is shaken, a rush of energy is unleash and it creates a domino effect that starts with you and ends up with you, as river water ends in the ocean.

In fact, many contemplative practices that require retreat invite the practitioner to engage in silence precisely as a way to help us avoid breaking Truth. The explanation behind it is that when we speak, in a state of unawareness of the breath, it is very likely that the individual will fall into a place where he or she will decide “a white lie” is what is needed or to omit the truth might work better in order to achieve the agenda at hand…generally to avoid conflict or to avoid causing hurt.

The intention of avoiding conflict and avoiding causing hurt is a wonderful one that roots in our innate state of peace; through exploring a little deeper spiritual growth, we find that for some reason the human being, in a state of unawareness of the breath, learns nothing about the self until he or she faces conflict or hurt, within the self or with others.

This reality is the heart of our spiritual practice. When we suffer, we lean towards GOD for a miracle, guidance, prayer, refuge, clarity. And there will be those who here will stop me and say, G-d does not exist; still those who use their choice of belief in that direction fail to deny a power, all uniting, force to where they retreat for strength in moments of suffering. Of course, until spiritual growth happens and you learn to avoid suffering by accepting things as they are with a genuine desire for all beings to be happy.

So some call it GOD, some have a bigger longer explanation in words to describe the same concept…blessings…what we are focusing on right now is Why people lie?

SOUND is the creator…from the WORD the Universe was sparked and the more we explore the Cosmos, the more we find truth that everything is vibration and elements in combustion. You, I, trees, rivers, stars, planets, galaxies, the sun. We all are made of the same elements in a different order of vibration. The power of free will is bestowed upon each one of us to vibrate in any give frequency that we choose compatible.  When Truth is chosen, a higher frequency flows between the giver and the receiver and as a result light travels without being corrupted and its effects when reaching the other end become healing. This is a fact. Haven’t you felt that huge sense of lightness after telling somebody the truth about how you feel about them? Or after listening the truth about how others feel for you? Arguments usually end, maybe some time is needed, but after you take time to sit with yourself and see things as they are, you appreciate the reflection and the opportunity to be treated with respect as an intelligent being.

The habit of lying has developed out of fear, that eternal fear that humans face daily…the fear of judgment. We fear we will be judge by others for being who we are and the choices we make, therefore lying. Yes, usually we are judged, is a human habit. But just remember that judging is only but a reflection of who the other person is. Usually, when clarity leaves us in our observations (which are not the same as judgments) we see what we are. This reality should be enough for the individual to not take things so seriously and stop seeing the self through the eyes of others.

Some people lie more than others, some with an evil intention behind, some with a manipulative desire to control, but we could safely say that most of all lying happens out of being unaware of things as they are. Failing to see things as they are invites delusion to take over and for delusion to make sense, lying is necessary. And usually those who lie to others are lying to themselves because to accept oneself seems to be the hardest challenge of the human being. Though accepting oneself is where to being, you can’t change what you don’t understand. To understand, clear observation is needed to control the ego that controls you.

And like a father’s advice heard lately to his son: Confusion is not a good place to be in. Be truthful, or you will loose yourself in the reflection of lower vibrations and you will attract same.

So, what if speaking the truth brings conflict, sometimes conflict is what is needed for the veil of delusion to clear giving the opportunity to see things as they are so genuine growth can happen.  We all need to hear somebody telling us the truth about the energy we are projecting and how it feels to others. We are mirrors to each other. You are I.

Think about this: If you keep telling your friend, lover, son, father, mother, grandsparent, teacher, neighbor, boss, co-worker, whoever – with your actions or words – that the controlling manipulative behavior they use to communicate with you and others is OK, in order to avoid conflict or hurt, if you keep allowing the “white lying” by “white lying” yourself, you might be blocking their spiritual growth…and yours. If you really want to give light, give truth.

When unavoidable conflict or suffering happens, keep your focus on your breath, observing the sensations while arise and pass away, stay aware and equanimous. Isn’t this your yoga practice after all? Reflect light, no guilt trips. Be truthful.

Why people lie? Out of fear…fear of judgment. Think about this, when you choose to lie, you  have already judge yourself and that is what others feel anyway.

If you lie to control others and your environment, know for sure this path will only take you to loneliness. When you control others, it is only your energy in display, and this keeps you isolated from the touch of others light. This might work at the surface level, but at the deepest level of the mind and the spirit, you will be alone, playing a mind game with yourself that stagnates your own journey.

You might say “I have no option”…that in itself is a clear signal that you must change what you are doing or simply avoid it. When you find yourself in places with no exit, you must walk yourself out the same way you walk yourself in, moment by moment. There is no blaming others, there is only responsibility of the self.

Be truthful. Be happy.

May all beings be happy.



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Read 2 comments and reply

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