Will Smith is too good for you.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Mar 18, 2011
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Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me.

~ F. Scott Fitzgerald in my favorite short story of all time, Rich Boy.

The Fresh Prince Loves Himself.

We love Will Smith. You love Will Smith. I love Will Smith. And, apparently, Will Smith really loves Will Smith.

Last week, “Fresh Prince” Will Smith angered the entire island of Ireland by refusing to board a 50 minute commercial flight and, instead, chartering his own private jet for $16K US.

I love him, but seriously.

HOLLYWOOD superstar Will Smith refused to board a 50-minute flight from Dublin to Manchester… because the plane only had economy-class seats.

He was due to make the short hop across the Irish sea with Aer Lingus, but when his management realised there were no first- or ­business-class seats they chartered a private jet instead for £10,000.

It left staff at the Irish national ­carrier furious because they had made special arrangements for Smith, 42, and his entourage to be whisked through the Manchester ­terminal…read the rest.

An Aer Lingus source said: “It raised a few eyebrows when we heard because it seemed to be a bit of a snub.

“It surprised everyone because it’s a short flight and economy is still very comfortable. It may not have been good enough for Will Smith but everyone from millionaire footballers to politicians use the route all the time.” No-one connected to the star was available for comment.

The family are in the country because Willow, 10, is supporting teen sensation Justin Bieber…read the rest.

Will Smith made $80 million in 2008, alone.

He does not, however, mind playing poor people:

Still, end of the day, he’s all about the Law of Attraction:



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17 Responses to “Will Smith is too good for you.”

  1. Juliana says:

    I miss the Fresh Prince days… I think that's my favorite tv show of all time, no joke.

  2. elephantjournal says:

    Colin von Krogh You're pushing cheap gossip now? #FAIL

    J. Rigzin Tute I don't want to hear him preaching any ecologically green talk any time soon. Not that this kind of behaviour should surprise me, I suppose.

    Dan Middleton You call this news or a story? Totally incomplete…Would not make it to the read if i was editor…

    Holly Cunning Burgess Will Smith is one of my favs. What is really the purpose of this post? If I had that kind of money I would probably do that too.

    Holly Cunning Burgess Aside from being ecofriendly, I might. ..depends on situation.

    Anandi A. Premlall Hating on Will Smith? Seriously? Not elej at all and not cool. He made his money without degrading women or submitting to violence, not writing it off as as a tax credit (don't even get me started). He's a family guy, takes care of himself, loves his kids and a great role model for couples…hmmm come again??

    Juliana McCarthy this is total news and worthy of publication… and would you reeally do what will did, holly? if so, crazy. think about the environmental and economic impact not to mention the sheer inconvenience of everyone who had arranged his arrival at the airport. i find this article fascinating… celebrity culture and the culture of the rich affect us all. this is an example of the wasteful bullshit in our society that has led to the various crises we're now facing

    Holly Cunning Burgess I totally agree, Anandi.

    Juliana McCarthy who's saying will's a bad guy? the article's about an amazingly wasteful and selfish decision he made, not about his character at large

    Anandi A. P Is this where all the eco-yoga snobbery comes in? Ouuuchiewawa.

    elephantjournal.com I love Will, as I said in the above link. But the Irish airline folks went out of their way to accomodate, and…well it's just sad, in these times, when the gap between very rich and poor is greater than ever, and the middle class (and our unions) are being weakened at their very foundation. There is never, I hope, an excuse for acting in such a way. Imagine what $16K could do for the single mother we reported on up in Wisconsin who, now that her job is getting cut, will see her and her children foreclosed upon. ~ W.

  3. elephantjournal says:

    Dan, we excerpted the full news story. This was commentary. Maybe it wouldn't make the Times…but the Times does commentary, too, without re-summing up all events. Genuinely hear and appreciate your criticism, in any case. ~ W.

  4. elephantjournal says:

    Anandi, I think if the charge "snobbery" might be applied more accurately to a man who can't handle a 50 minute flight with "people."
    Again, we all love Will. If you read post, you'll have seen that I love him. He's loveable. I am however taking exception to his…snobby…action. ~ W.

  5. Jennifer says:

    What a douche! Not to mention how environmentally uncool that is just because he couldn't sit with "common people" anymore. Just lost all respect for him….

  6. Ben Ralston says:

    So easy to judge other people. None of us know what really happened. Could be he’s a snob, could be his kid was sick and he wanted a private flight for more … privacy.

    Think it’s easy being famous – it isn’t.

    And you don’t ever know what you would do in another person’s shoes until you’re in them.

  7. Kim Peterson says:

    I enjoyed this post. Thank you for putting postive stuff out there. Yes, it seems a waste of the money to charter an airplane. But very possibly it was the people getting him from one place to another that did it, and if not, it is a waste. We can't judge something we were not there to see for ourselves, we can only have opinions. I personally have always liked Will Smith. Now I like him even more. The message from the videos needs to touch more people. Thank you again for sharing this.

  8. elephantjournal says:

    I agree with the sentiment, but the lack of respect in the yoga or pseudo spiritual community or among PC liberals for judgment's good side is not shared by the Buddhadharma, where discernment—what to accept and what to reject—or "prajna" is a highly held value.

    Last I checked, ordinary people's children get sick, and yet we don't spend $15.5K on a 50 minute flight. That kind of extravagance is neight environmentally-responsible–it's an action that will contribute to wars and making many more children sick through asthma, pollution—or economically-responsible. Your concern might be better placed on, again, that single mom we wrote about last week who is about to lose her house because her job has just been cut, thanks to Gov. Walker's union-busting enthusiasms.

    Your friend,


  9. elephantjournal says:

    You bet. He's a great guy. I'd love to hear his side, but thus far he hasn't been interested in dispelling rumors. That's fine, of course, his right—but the folks with the small Irish flight company were there and were very put off by how it went. We're responsible not only for our actions but, as the head of a business or family, for those who play and work with and represent us. Will shouldn't empower jerks to speak for him or make decisions for him, if indeed it wasn't his decision.

    That said, as Ben said above, it's easy to judge and we only know the above via the Irish flight co.



  10. elephantjournal says:

    I'm a West Wing man, myself. Or Curb your Enthusiasm. Or Band of Brothers.

  11. Juliana says:

    Psht, Snob. (Just kidding.)

  12. elephantjournal says:

    Rick G: I guess commoners "just don't understand."

  13. Claudia says:

    Love how he says he is doing what his "grandmother taught him to do" and hey! God Bless Him, maybe he is just having a "moment"…. I still kind of like him 😉

  14. Arvin says:

    Oh god, we should be really sorry for all the famous people because they have such horrible lives because of their fame. Get a grip. People starve to death every day, live on minimum wages and have problem putting food on the table for their familys, and YOU have sympathy for a man that charters an entire aircraft for himself?!? Think of all the food he could have bought for poor people if he spent it on charity. And as Waylon points out, noone of us charters an entire fucking airplane when we have a sick kid. And then i haven't even mentioned how environmentally bad this is.

  15. […] already knew Will Smith, who is loveable, isn’t loved in Ireland so much anymore—and for good reason. We also knew that he loves the Law of Attraction, or […]

  16. elephantjournal says:

    Me, too.

  17. Bryan says:

    What is the point of posting this to web site dedicated to yoga, which preaches that we should emphasize the positive and avoid this kind of snark?