April 30, 2011

At Hanuman Festival, We Want You to Feel Special.

Photo: Hanuman Festival

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We are all special and deserve the best in this inspired life.

Our intention from the beginning was to make the experience at Hanuman Festival a special one. We have all been to festivals with limited choices on food, lodging and recreation. Say hello to a weekend filled with everything you could ever ask for! Say hello to what Hanuman Festival and Boulder, Colorado, have to offer!

Photo: Brad Coy

We are offering an unforgettable festival experience to all who attend. We have no doubt that you’ll be talking about this experience months after it ends. But for those of you in the mood for top-notch yoga and luxury, consider the VIP package.

Now we know that designating certain people as “Very Important People” isn’t very yogic – don’t get us wrong, we love you all and feel you’re every bit important as the person on the mat next to you. At the same time, when in Boulder…well, let’s just say about half the population likes their luxury while the other half is perfectly content sleeping in tents. And that’s what we love about the place.

Photo: Aykanna

As a Hanuman VIP you’ll get an all-access pass to the festival. This means spending Thursday with your favorite instructor, or with one you’ve never had the opportunity to learn from — we promise you’ll fall in love. Plus, choose from a variety of classes and teachers to take Friday through Sunday. Did we mention that you’re guaranteed a spot in the first two rows of class? That’s a lot of awesome yoga!

Which is why you’ll need to relax to the soothing sounds of all the musical performances the Festival offers. And just like that, you already have plans for Friday and Saturday night. Aren’t you popular?

Photo: St. Julien Hotel & Spa

You’ll also be invited to a special VIP dinner at the St. Julien Hotel & Spawith all the yoga teachers, presenters and musicians. How convenient that you’ll also be staying at the St. Julien, so all you have to do is walk downstairs for dinner. And breakfast too – as a VIP, the St. Julien will provide a daily morning buffet just for you and the yoga teachers. If you’ve ever wanted to meet a teacher, the Hanuman Festival might be the place to do it. Luxury really is about convenience after all.

Because we don’t want you to be lonely (although we assure you it won’t happen), Hanuman Festival encourages you to make it a special weekend. Want to share some positive energy with your mother, daughter, spouse or best friend? Hanuman Festival is perfect for a romantic getaway, action-packed adventure with the bestie, or bonding experience with a family member. To make it more special for your wallet, the Festival offers a 30% discount on your second VIP package (hint, hint: that’s a $639.60 savings!).

Like we said, we welcome every person who wants to attend this Festival and share his or her energy, whether that’s for a few hours or a full weekend. If convenience, luxury and a good time sounds like you, welcome to the VIP community.


Ashley Herzberger started practicing yoga in college to balance out her hyper-Type A personality. Each day, she faces the challenge of not making a big deal out of something small. A lifelong student, Ashley aims to learn from those around her, from books and from herself. She is passionate about public relations, communicating and telling stories. Ashley moved to Boulder, CO, in 2006 from suburban Cleveland, OH—needless to say, she suffered mild culture shock. It didn’t take long for her to drink the kool-aid, start working out and eat healthy foods. Then she started practicing yoga. Then she started receiving acupuncture, taking enzymes and burning incense every now and then. Today, Ashley does marketing and public relations for CorePower Yoga, public relations for Hanuman Festival and writes for fun on the side. Her German last name loosely translates to “heart in the mountains.”

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