April 1, 2011

Best Green Boulder Businesses: Dining, Fashion, Climbing, Home, Coffee.

We’ll be interviewing the owners of each of our fave green Boulder businesses and sharing their stories and sustainable efforts with you.

Q&A, info, hours soon to come.

Until then, check out the sites of our faves for all information:

The Kitchen Café.

What are some basic “green” things you do that are accessible and easy for all restaurants to do? Not only in terms of food, but operations?

> We compost all leftover food. In addition to recycling, composting reduces your waste to almost nothing.

> We offer our used oil for recycling by local customers.

> We use local farm ingredients. We work with local, environmentally friendly farmers so there are low to zero food miles.

> We use wind power for our electricity.

What are a few eco-responsible things you do that are fun or unusual?

> We make our furniture from used rafters in our building (1039 Pearl St. is over 100 years old and we replaced the rafters in 2005 using the older rafters for furniture).

> We will be offering 100% of our wines by the keg in our new restaurant [Next Door]. No more bottle waste in the restaurant!

> We will be using beetle kill pine for all our furniture and floors in the [Next Door] restaurant.

Where, specifically, does your inspiration to offer local, seasonal, organic food in an eco-responsible manner come from?

>While it’s a passion for all, Hugo Matheson drives this at The Kitchen from his upbringing on a farm. He understands the difference in flavor, texture and connection to your community when you get your food locally.

What is your focus these days (perhaps with Next Door, making quality food accessible?)

> [Next Door] will be a casual farm-to-table eatery. The idea is to make a more casual, more price-accessible version of The Kitchen. It will have a wide selection of beer and wine (100% on tap), as well as some fun shared plates, sandwiches, salads and soups for the Boulder community. Some of our classic items will be on there, and some new surprises as well.

More to come!

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