April 19, 2011

Calm in the face of fear? Video:

“I was a Marine, and I love Jesus!”

“Oh, just took the roof off a house. I’d say it’s comin’ straight toward me. Bit of a roof got my vehicle…”

I would have freaked out, half in amazement, half in fun, and 12 halves in abject fear. This man? Watch:

Steven Hoag calmly converses with his sister from the Fred’s Food Club parking lot in Wilson, NC, as an EF2 tornado barrels toward his truck.

Asked by ABC11 how he was able to maintain his composure, Hoag replied “I was a Marine, and I love Jesus!”

{via What}

Of course, this is something we train to be able to do in life, whether through meditation, religion, spirituality, martial arts, sports…to feel calm and centered and aware and awake even under duress.

It’s just amazing to see a man do it.

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