April 14, 2011

Colorado Says NO! to GMO’s—Rally on 4/16! ~ Heather Henning

This march/rally is intended to raise awareness to the dangers of GMO’s. Please join us while we make our voices heard.

Event Timeline:

11:00: Meet at Civic Center Park—100 W. 14th Ave. Parkway, Denver CO

11:30: Begin Marching to Steps of Capital Building—200 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO

From GMO Awareness Rally

11:45: Band Plays

12:30: Announcements

12:40: First Speaker (Shawna Yassi)

12:50: Second Speaker (Karen Snider; SUS-DEV)

1:00: Third Speaker (Scott W. Smith, Boulder NO GMO)

1:15: Forth Speaker

1:30: Fifth Speaker (Michael Bownlee—Transition Colorado)

1:45: Key Note Speaker (Jeffery Smith)

2:15: Closing Announcements

3:30: Meet-up at Mercury Café for Screening of The World According to Monsanto2199 California Street, Denver, CO 80205, (303) 294-9258

5:30 Q&A Session with Jeffery Smith following film (must be finished by 6pm)


First, we have Shawna Yaussi, who recently completed her bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Ecology from Prescott College, where she focused some of her energies on researching GM food crops and their far-reaching effects on our environment, economy, diets, and agricultural heritage.

Next Karen Snyder, is the director of Sustainable Development garden, CSU’s student run organic vegetable garden, she is currently studying soil science at CSU, with a focus on organic community food production.

Scott Smith is a Boulder, CO software entrepreneur with a passion for family, organic local food and public service. His began buying organic milk in the mid 90s to avoid Monsanto’s first shot in the war on our food. Upon learning that genetically manipulated food was everywhere in our food system, not just used for animal feed and fuel, but became part of over 85% of all processed foods, Scott became motivated to educate. The FDA had NOT asked for our permission nor given us any choice when they introduced Frankenfood into our food supply, Scott started the Boulder GM-No monthly meetup and travels throughout Colorado hosting Video presentations and discussions to educate people about GM foods and how to make healthy choices to avoid them.

Michael Brownlee, a relocalization advocate and organizer since mid-2005, Michael Brownlee is co-founder of Transition Colorado, the first officially-recognized Transition Initiative in North America. His organization has helped catalyze Transition Initiatives throughout the state, all working towards the resilience and self-reliance of their communities. He is editor and publisher of Boulder County’s Eat Local! Resource Guide & Directory, a co-founder of the Boulder County Local Food Network, and for two years served as an at-large member of the Boulder County Food & Agriculture Policy Council.

Jeffrey Smith is the author of Seeds of Deception and of Genetic Roulette: The Documented HealthRisks of Genetically Engineered Foods . He is the Executive Director of the Institute For Responsible Technology, a nonprofit that educates consumers on GMOs risks and alternatives, that has organized a national network of activists to reach the tipping point of 15 million consumers who will drive GMOs out of the food chain.


Amber Felts

(970) 531-7662

PO 2381

Fraser CO. 80442

[email protected]

List of Supporters:

Transition Colorado

New Hope

Institute for Responsible Technology

Slow Food Network

The Organic & Non-GMO Report

Non GMO Project


Alliance For Bio Integrity

Natural Grocers

Seeds of Deception

Pesticide Action Network

Whole Foods

Patchamamma CSA

Grant Farms CSA

Mercury Café

Jared Polis’s Office

Sustainable Development CSU

Organic India

White Wave Foods


High Country Kombucha

The Roller Dolls

Center for Food Safety

Truth in Labeling

Genetic Engineering Action Network

Stopping GMO with Food and Water Network

Congruity Tech

Tone Dynamix Productions

Best Organics

Compass Natural

Clip it Online

Mary Smith GM No Boulder

Scott Smith GM NO Boulder

Millions Against Monsanto

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