Don’t Work For Waylon Lewis—He’s a Mindful Monster! ~ Joe Yeoman

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on Apr 16, 2011
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Confessions of an elephant journal intern.

Recently, my czar, Waylon Lewis, posted an article that elephant journal is hiring. As our numbers increase and our website becomes more popular, we are looking to become more professional. Waylon is of course spearheading this operation, and he is on a nation-wide manhunt to find more people to boss around.

Waylon claims that he wants: “…to bring together those working (and playing) to create enlightened society. To be of benefit to a world full of suffering.” He really just wants to benefit from making you suffer.

Currently, he is on vacation, in the desert, watching Coachella (whatever the hell that is). So, the website is being managed by a crack team of interns and volunteers. Basically, he is allowing the inmates to run the prison.

Since he is gone, I figure I can use this time to let you in on the internal workings of elephant journal, and expose you to the horrors that we interns face.

First off is a secret video that we took of Waylon thrashing us at a meeting:

Awful. Just awful.

Truthfully, I can’t understand why I accepted the job when this is how he interviews people:

He scares me.

While in the office the other day, Waylon just snapped. He turned toward me and mimed a choke hold. I felt like I was in Star Wars, again:

Oh the humanity!

Most of the time, I don’t think survive the boring struggle to just get through the day.

Basically, he’ll flat out tell you how awful the working conditions are; however, most of the time, he doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Here are some of his wonderful mind-grapes:

Realistically, it is a pleasure to work for elephant journal, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Waylon is completely opposite of the video. While he catches plenty of flack, most of it is undeserved. He works tirelessly to provide us with some great content (I can’t imagine what will happen to the site if he ever gets the flu). He cares deeply for his writers, their opinions, and the right they have to express these ideas. Sometimes this love comes across as bullying. Instead, you can see him as a big brother to the whole site. He wants to protect it, and that is endearing.

Truthfully, he is a pleasure to work with. (With Waylon, you never work for him. Instead, you are an equal member of the team.)

If you live in the Boulder area, I would suggest applying to work with the amazing staff, writers, and captain. Clearly, all of this is a joke and just a way to poke fun at Waylon, at Waylon’s expense.

Seriously, apply!


Joe Yeoman thinks you’re pretty awesome. Hopefully, when you meet him, you don’t spit in his face. You can contact him at Joeyeoman [at] gmail [dot] com. Follow him on twitter @themindfullife, @walkthetalkshow, and @joeyeoman. Friend him of Facebook.


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9 Responses to “Don’t Work For Waylon Lewis—He’s a Mindful Monster! ~ Joe Yeoman”

  1. See why I live in Milwaukee?

    Waylon and I have an nice healthy e-mail and Facebook relationship.

    Bob W.
    Yoga Editor

  2. Joe Yeoman says:

    Ha. Oh Bob. You would love Boulder.

    You live in Milwaukee? I'm moving back to Chicago this summer and wish to tour your fine city. Any good suggestions on breweries to tap into?

  3. Lot's of good breweries. Milwaukee Ale House, Lake Front Brewery. But google it, because I rarely go out, being a Yoga Cyber-Hermit and all.

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  5. Hands up who likes working with Elephant Journal?

    They all do!! (great story to that photo!)

  6. elephantjournal says:

    # The patients are running the asylum!!!!!

    Also, Waylon is still accepting apps. Must have a smile!

    All you need to know is that I love my job and have a great boss. Joe Yeoman

    Jennifer Kossmann Warren Funny!

    Jennie Berkman-Boatman Glad everyone is happy in at least one workplace in America. It's all in how effective management is and if people work togther w/similar values and goals.

  7. LOL. Brits, or probably only me, are always baffled why Americans punctuate humour, with, it's a joke, only joking…

  8. Yogini5 says:

    Hey, Well-Heeled, give us Americans credit. We are starting to "get" wry humor; and irony, particularly of the existential kind …

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