April 17, 2011

F*ck you, and Th*nk her, too. ~ Emily Casey

Even though he said “F*ck You, And F*ck Her Too,” I think Cee Lo Green meant to say is:

Thank you, and Thank her too.

We live in a world of excess. From material possessions to the infinite information accessible via the digital domain, it might seem we have everything.

Are you satisfied? No? It is because we fundamentally lack praise as an integral part of our lives. Laura Trice’s Ted Talk encourages us to learn how to recognize where we as individuals need to be thanked.

What are you insecure about? How can those around you help you grow and feel safe?

Giving you praise where you need it will help! Ask your beloved or dear friend to help you now.

Please watch this short video, it will change your day for the better. Thank you!

Ted Talk: Laura Trice suggests we all say thank you.


Emily Casey is passionate about creative expression, hugs, breathing, traveling, and experiencing the natural world. She plays, sings, and dances in the magical mountains of Boulder, Colorado.  Follow her on Twitter.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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