Flying Kites with Towel Head Kundalini Yoginis

Via Jessica Durivage
on Apr 19, 2011
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Pic Courtesy of WeDharma

We all have those moments, right? When we know we are in the right place on the path.  When it feels like the world has conspired to bring us to a certain place in time, when in reality we just become aware of it all. This past weekend I was in Boulder, CO on Pearl St. and on a whim, decided to buy a kite as a birthday gift and while I was in the store Gurmukh walked in to also buy a birthday gift. Well, I am not a Kundalini Yogi, but it is hard to miss one, so beautiful and angelic, dressed in white from head to toe.   I stood back and just watched her for a while, radiating light and love and just this pure sweetness as she glided through the store.  I never met the woman, never took a class with her and did not suddenly get the urge to stop cutting my hair or anything (but I did a search for her on Ele and found this great article about Tantric Kundalini and how it may improve my sex life – bring on the Kriya!).  She was in town at for teacher training and getting ready to start a world tour at the end of the month.

I just felt compelled to be connected to a family, a sangha and a community that stretches out past the borders and boundaries of styles, teachers and what brand yoga mat you happen to use.  So, I approached her and introduced myself and immediately felt embraced, accepted and even… loved. I kind of felt a little high. It made me feel like one of those kites in the store, flying in the sky with the winds on my face and at my back.  That whatever currents happen to be pulling me to and fro, I am rooted and attached to a string of the light of the Divine.  Her energy was pure, authentic and genuine – and you know… I am just grateful to come into contact with any human who can tap into that within themselves.

Pic Courtesy of Yoga Journal

I encourage anyone who takes a moment to read this post to think about all of the moments we have the opportunity to find connection and confidence about the choices we have made to live the life we live. It is possible within each and every moment.  If all humans could find an openness in our hearts towards all of the moments in our lives, the world would surely be a different place.

To think… meeting Gurmukh in a freaking kite shop on Pearl Street in Boulder…Can it really get any better?  Ra Ma Da Sa.  Namaste


About Jessica Durivage

Whether in a business suit, on a yoga mat or a meditation cushion, Jessica will follow her Dharma to the ends of the earth and work to bridge the gap with the world and the light that dwells within each being.  Grateful for the wealth of experiences, teachers and mentors who have guided her along her path as a yogi, a business woman, a non-profiteer and an improv comedian; she cultivates mindful, savvy and innovative approaches to make the world a better place each day and lead with compassion, from the heart (and trying not to take herself too seriously). / Jessica is the founder and owner of Where is My Guru - an ever evolving work of life that encompasses writing, art, community, leadership, consulting and a weekly radio show where you can find her contemplating Purusha, Prakriti, the Yoga Sutras and why all Yogis are crazy mo fo's. Check in with the Where is My Guru Blog and the radio show on Fridays at 11am EST -


10 Responses to “Flying Kites with Towel Head Kundalini Yoginis”

  1. Enjoyed this, Jessica, although I'd like to see it expanded with more background on Gurmukh, whom many of us are not that familiar with, if at all.

    Posting to Elephant Yoga on Facebook and Twitter.

    Bob W.
    Yoga Editor

  2. Just posted to "Featured Today" on the Elephant Yoga homepage.

  3. Karen says:

    About two minutes before I read your blog post, I had just sent a Tweet to Gurmukh, thanking her for her recent Tweet " An attitude of Gratitude brings great things~Yogi Bhajan. I made my own Tweet "Cultivate gratitude in your garden" in reaction. Now I am smiling ear to ear with this serendipity. Thank you for spreading the light, Jessica. We are indeed all connected. ☼

  4. One day, I will share the story about the decisive effect she had on my path, even before meeting her! To say she is lovely would be like saying the sun is warm.

  5. Jessica says:

    Karen, you so so very welcome! Like I said in the article, I had never met her, nor do I practice Kundalini Yoga – but seeing her in a kite shop with all of these beautiful kites around us, reminding me that we all have the tools to soar – was defintely an "auspicious" moment along the path!

  6. Jessica says:

    Thanks so much, Bob! I will be expanding this article to talk more about Kundalini, and my one and only class (crazy memory) along with more info on Gurmukh…. I am looking forward to learning as much as I am sharing! Peace.

  7. Jessica says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I agree – I was also just drawn to her like a magnet – I couldn't keep my eyes off her in the store and just made up my mind to introduce myself to her. We can all find grace, as long as we remain open to it!

  8. Jessica says:

    Hi Donna,
    I appreciate your comment and want to very much let you know that your open, and honest thoughts and opinions are always, always welcome here. We can all learn from the negative and positive experiences we have gone through, because in the end – there is no more good or bad – so we take these moments along the path and an opportunity to have an experience. My heart is full of compassion for the struggle you have had to go through – and you can share anything you need in this space.

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