Bill Cosby vs. Donald Trump, From the Department of Amen.

Via elephant journal
on Apr 7, 2011
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Bill Cosby doesn’t have time for Donald Trump 2012 Bullshit.

The only thing he’s running is his mouth. And no, I don’t have to pay attention. We have 8 years of mess to clean up. Bill, speak!

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4 Responses to “Bill Cosby vs. Donald Trump, From the Department of Amen.”

  1. TamingAuthor says:

    Cosby, unfortunately, was pathetic in his response. And Elephant follows down the same path.

    Trump has asked a valid question regarding the birth certificate. Give it all of thirty seconds thought and you will realize you do not get a pass on providing your birth certificate when it comes to the government, why should the President not conform to the rules?

    Cosby has no real response. But one can see the pain that arises when he must defend his emotions when it comes to Obama. To realize that one has been conned by a radical activist is not a pleasant feeling. To look back and recall that you supported a plea for honesty and transparency, and instead ended up with gangsterism at a level never before seen in the White House is tough. Cognitive dissonance writ large.

    Elephant continues to do a disservice to its readers by posting propaganda and a lack of well researched investigation. Why publish misinformation? Why not just pass if you do not have the time and inclination to check the facts? The backlash and karmic blow back will be pretty severe.

    The President has spend millions of dollars on lawyers preventing the public from discovering the truth about his past. What American supports that level of deception? What American does not want their leader to be honest and forthright? What kind of American thinks for even a moment that it is okay for their President to play this game?

  2. Nathan says:

    "Trump has asked a valid question regarding the birth certificate."

    Give me one definition of the word "valid" that makes this sentence true, and I will listen, Greg.

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