Land O’Lakes Dairy Marketing v. Reality.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Apr 24, 2011
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Plus, knee boobs.

The infamous 80-year-old intentional knees trick.

Marketing? So nice, love the beautiful forests and the Native American girl…

…who we probably raped, then kicked forcibly off her land, which we’ve now turned into a factory farm.

Sad footage:

From PETA:

PETA is launching a new initiative calling for basic animal welfare standards for cows on dairy farms on the heels of disturbing new undercover footage of dairy factory farms. The video footage from Mercy for Animals shows baby calves as they are beaten with pickaxes and hammers and have their budding horns burned out of their skulls without being given any pain relief. A PETA undercover investigation into a Land O’Lakes supplier found similar abuse.
PETA is asking pizza and ice cream chains, grocery stores, and other dairy vendors to commit to buying only from farms that adhere to these minimal standards of animal care:

  • Keeping facilities clean and providing flooring, foot care, and bedding
  • Immediately euthanizing “downed” cows who can no longer walk
  • Ending de-horning and tail-docking, cruel procedures in which cows have a portion of their tails cut off and their horns cut out of their skulls
  • Banning the use of bovine growth hormone, which contributes to lameness and a painful inflammation of the udder known as “mastitis” and which has been banned in Europe and Canada
  • Providing group housing for female calves, without tethering

These standards would dramatically reduce the suffering of cows and their calves on dairy factory farms. You can help them, too, by always choosing one of the many available nondairy options.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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9 Responses to “Land O’Lakes Dairy Marketing v. Reality.”

  1. Alice2112 says:

    OMG – Knee boobs!
    Dairy is disgusting. We are not baby cows – don't need cow's boob juice.

  2. Have you see the Denver Art Museum's new gallery of American Indian Art and Chippewa Artist, David P. Bradley’s, Land O Bucks, Land O Fakes, Land O Lakes over sized butter boxes?

  3. Berlin says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Many people forget that cruelty does exist in dairy farms just as it exists in slaughterhouses (really, there is no difference in the cruel treatment of animals kept there) I will pass this along.

  4. Khalil says:

    Long before now, everyone in the organic community, as well as most of the conventional community, have become thoroughly familiar with RoundUp Ready Alfalfa (RRA). Of course there have been countless outcries against Monsanto, and it has been Monsanto’s name in virtually every print and web article as well as radio and TV show. But if Monsanto is the devil, as many would say, then there has been little if any mention of those doing the devil’s bidding here, in this case that disciple being Forage Genetics International (FGI). FGI is a wholly (or rather “unholy”) owned subsidiary of Land O’ Lakes. While Monsanto owns the patented RoundUp Ready (RR) gene, FGI is the developer of RR Alfalfa and licenses the patents to do so from Monsanto.

  5. IndiaMan says:

    As an Indian [from India], it's just shameless that you are using our icons, images and religious symbols with impunity…also, all life is sacred [not just cows] so please stop eating any living being – even tomatoes.

  6. SriDTMc says:

    with all due respect, please point out where any Indian (from India) icons, images or religious symbols are being used here.

    Yes, all life is sacred, even You! Thus, you deserve and are granted the nourishment you need. Trust me, the tomato consciousness is honored to serve as the vehicle for your nourishing, so long as you recognize and honor it in return. Same goes for eating animals.
    There are animal souls who have chosen to incarnate on this planet knowing they would be a source of food for a human, and they perform that role willingly. There is nothing wrong with this.
    We as humans have the responsibility to honor the sources of our food, appreciate our role in the cycle of life, and release all unnecessary guilt imposed on us by the petty judgments of others who feel the need to have their views validated by insisting everyone else follow them or consent to being labeled as less-than-holy.
    Tomatoes? really?

  7. Emily says:

    Love your idea here! I myself am vegan, but my husband and children are omniverous. It's their choice and we really value one anothers choice by treating everything in our lives as sacred. Even though I can't bring myslef to consume any animal produce I know that my husband would only eat an animal that was raised in the most respectful conditions and treated with as much love as we provide one another. There is a balance that needs to be kept in the cycle of life and if we all became vegans it simply would turn into chaos. All plants are living just the same as you and I and my dog etc. we are all sacred…

  8. Blake says:

    I do quite a bit of work at Haskell!

  9. karlsaliter says:

    RE: " if we all became vegans it simply would turn into chaos." Bring it.