April 7, 2011

The Mast Brothers of Brooklyn. {Video}

Mindful + Chocolate = Craft & Adventure.

This is the most inspiring video, quite surprisingly considering I’m not a big chocolate lover, that I’ve seen in awhile. I grew up in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, and their language is that language: a language of heart, of precision, of appreciation borne of being present and celebrating daily life.

Their love for chocolate becomes mindfulness of detail, a path of craft, a path of adventure or openness and not profit, merely, or safety and conformity. Enjoy:


The life of a mariner is one given over to wanderlust—the quest for adventure, crossing unseen horizons to secure precious goods—only to bring them back to their home port. This same love of adventure and curiosity defines the brotherhood of Rick and Michael Mast. They share a fiercely independent spirit, leaping into the unknown and trusting that they’ll find the answer through endurance and dedication to their craft.

They began their voyage in their apartment, using a homemade machine to process cacao beans. Over time they cultivated their creation, sourcing beans from family farms in Madagascar, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and Ecuador. Each bar is handmade with incredible reverence for the process and history of chocolate. They are bound in ornamental papers and golden foil like a collection of rare books. Each bar offers its own story of flavors, and no two are exactly alike.

The Mast Brothers are now planning to navigate the mighty Atlantic, sailing to the Dominican Republic in search of beans and a deeper connection with the folks who grow them. Before they begin the next chapter, The Scout spent time with Rick and Michael documenting their story. Photo by Mindy Best.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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