April 5, 2011

New World Order: where your mind is

Art courtesy of Justin Miller

Everybody knows that the world is changing
everybody hopes that the change is good
Nostradamus’  stories of foretold man evils
clearly manifest as unconscious do

Everbody wants to control the other
while forgetting to control the self
blaming all the rulers for the fall of nature
failing to embrace our own nature’s wake

Everybody seems to be pointing fingers
fearing that the end is 2012
empowering the power,  Illuminati ilusion
thus illumination sacrificed instead

What if everybody suffers from mind misconception?
fighting men versus brother men
thinking is somebody else’s duty
to bring peace among countries’ health

As there’s light everywhere there’s darkness
in a time of chaos, new world order rules
world a planet, world a spirit
world is others, world is you

God religions preaching riots
“I” in conflict with the truth
Can you get along with others?
Can you get along with you?

Do “I” needs the green of money?
when the apples rotting are
why make more of toxic boxes?
there’s no space to trash your car

Trade has been a noble practice
economic is asana tree
why be slave to greed’s made banker?
if your neighbor knows the Art in need

Love and light keep growing fonder
since the start of Book of Life
our Great Masters Om non stopping
praying: don’t confuse happy with blind

New World Order is not easy
We all wonder where to start
why not stop,  sit down and listen
to the world we share inside

But if sitting is too quantum
for the man today you are
just remember you have children
who’ll remind you “Be a child!”

“New World Order is been plotted”
they might tell you is not good
just, as always, trust the Universe
New World Order is in you

New World Order can’t be evil
God’s vibration higher is
no one can destroy our goodness
because World is where your Mind is ~



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