Papaji-The most important question.

Via Indra Singh
on Apr 8, 2011
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I watched this over and over again this morning, then I put it on my facebook wall and watched it a few more times, now I’m sharing it with you here on Elephant Journal. I’d really like to know how it makes you feel inside because it tugged strongly at my heart.

Be Happy!!:)


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Indra Singh loves to write anything from Yoga Articles to Creative Writing works. She is a full time mother and works predominantly in the world of addiction therapy, helping individuals with their journey through recovery by assisting them with Yoga techniques to help support their daily lives. She runs general classes and workshops too and is an experienced Children's Yoga teacher. She's studied Aura Soma, reflexology, aromatherapy and is heavily into flower essences and vibrational healing. She also loves to knit. For more about Indra, visit her website, Facebook or Twitter.


One Response to “Papaji-The most important question.”

  1. Martin says:

    This video tugged my heart so much…i cant find it on the internet anymore. Does anyone has this video, link…? If so, please send it to me. Thank you so much. [email protected]