Skinny Bitch: 5 Main Reasons to go Vegan.

Via elephant journal
on Apr 9, 2011
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Skinny Bitch co-author Rory Freedman gives us five good reasons to go vegan:


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8 Responses to “Skinny Bitch: 5 Main Reasons to go Vegan.”

  1. Dace says:

    Thanks for the video! This is a long known truth, just many people have addiction to unhealthy food+habits. Once you start healthy, ethical eating habits, there is no way back to meat and dairy eating.

  2. Juliana says:

    Great video! Here's an article with more info on dairy consumption:

    "Human's Shouldn't Drink Cow's Milk":

  3. Sony Trieu says:

    I really appreciate the video and its perspective. However, there are those of us who cannot go purely vegan, myself included, because we need a small form of animal protein for optimal health. I think it's important to look at the global picture that is inclusive of both vegetarians and omnivores and carnivores. The key is moderation for wellness and health whether you're a vegan or not. The Vegan unfortunately is not for everyone. I wish it was. Our bodies have different needs and requirements. As I prescribe to a mostly vegetarian diet (Ayurvedic practices in eating for my dosha imbalance), I still need small portions of animal protein for my body to function well. When I was purely vegan, I lacked the luster in my skin and hair and was a bit gauntly in appearance. Again, thanks for the video and for pleading the case to become a vegan.

  4. March says:

    the whole "skinny bitch" concept is horribly fat-phobic. please consider ahimsa when posting stories on body size. veganism is a valid choice for some, but there's no need to fat shame in the process. it discredits an otherwise valuable message.

  5. JCA says:

    To Sony: so what you are saying is that your body has a way of knowing if you get one of the nine essential amino acids from animal rather than plant source? Are you a human being or a cyborg? Sorry but the human body doesn’t work that way. Tell the truth. You just want to eat meat. If you were vegetarian and ill, then your problem was that vegetarians eat a balanced diet and you were just eating what you wanted.

  6. pajina says:

    Has anyone read "The Vegetarian Myth"? I am Vegan, but reading this book made me realize the horrors of the monocrop industry. Thoughts?

  7. annieory says:

    Troth = a pledge or undertaking, as in marriage
    trough = a long box set upon the ground from which farm animals eat

    EJ needs an editor.

    The sex workers of the world take offense at your use of the phrase "whoring herself out"
    This is a somewhat rambling way of saying you're starting to get older. Beautiful young women have been making money off their bodies as long as there has been money and as long as there is trade, value for value, and men value women sexually, this will continue. I wish you a smooth journey finding comfort with that truth, none of your suggestions, which are condescending and shallow, will make any difference. May the SLUTS of the world have the last laugh, on men, on you and your judgment, on everyone and all of it. I honor their raw honesty and their ownership of their choices and their sexuality.