April 25, 2011

To Cheat or not to Cheat?

Does Your Home Have Cheating Energy?

With all the recent news on famous celebrities cheating on their spouses, I figured this blog was in order. Every home has a “natal energy chart,” which indicates anything and everything that will happen to the people living in the home in regards to relationships, money and health. Because a home or business reveals all aspects of a person’s life, it divulges the entire person’s triumphs as well as challenges. Think back to a time when you lived in a home and everything that you touched turned to gold. That’s Feng Shui. Now think back to a time when you lived in a home and everything turned to crap or better yet maybe things were mixed. You had some good stuff happen and then some bad stuff happen. That’s all Feng Shui! Energy or chi can be changed or redirected to support your endeavors.

By using a Chinese compass called a Luo Pan, (I know it sounds like your favorite dish at the local Chinese restaurant) to determine the facing of the building and finding out the move-in date of the occupants; This determines the natal energy chart for the home and it shows what energy patterns in the home are present and if the “peach blossom” energy is there.

In a home or office to determine if affairs are prevalent, the peach blossom or peach blossom sha energy has to be present. A “peach blossom” is what the Chinese call a beautiful woman. It also relates to romance and sexual energy. This energy is great for cultivating new relationships and strengthening existing ones. However, like everything in life too much of a good thing is bad! Too much water, like a pool, pond, water fountain or low ground on the “peach blossom” energy can be detrimental to the occupants and turn relationships sour.

Another serious negative formation that can wreak havoc is known as a “peach blossom sha.” This is when a road or real water (like a pool, water fountain, pond, lake or ocean) is in conflict with the direction that the main doors of the house face. This negative formation can indicate incest, salacious love affairs, scandals, soiling the reputation of the person and bankruptcy.

For example, if a building faces pure north, specifically 352.5-7.5 degrees and there’s a road, real water or a ditch in pure west (262.5-277.5 degrees) this indicates that there could be affairs, scandals, incestuous energy or bankruptcy.  Roads and water are purveyors of energy.  How a home or business is situated in the environment dictates the quality of life that the occupants will have. I know this sounds crazy but it’s is true because as humans we are made up of energy and so is the environment around us.  It makes perfect sense that where we live work or sleep can affect us positively or negatively. The quality of energy that comes to your site is determined by how roads come to your home or business, how mountains are situated in proximity to your home or business and if there is any water, small or big, that is being activated in the environment.

The SOULution: Peach blossom sha formations can easily be remedied by changing the angle of the door.  This changes how energy comes to the site.  By having the door re-angled to specific degrees, this will take the person out of this negative formation and change the quality of life in the home or business.

A client of mine was living in a home where she divorced because her husband had an affair. Her house faced the last fifteen degrees in the southwest and there was a pool in the southeast. She moved in after 2004. This indicated affairs because in this particular energy chart in the southeast the “peach blossom” energy was prevalent. The placement of the pool in this sector is too much energy for the “peach blossom” to handle and this is why an affair ensued. The sleeping direction also indicated affairs. I knew her husband had initiated the affair because she never liked that home to begin with and wasn’t comfortable in the sleeping direction she was in. When I asked her why she stayed in the home and slept in that direction, she responded by saying it was her husband’s idea and she went along with it.

This tells me two things: first, the home mirrors the subconscious; second, the home never reflected who she truly was. Her husband was intent on moving into a home where he could “pull” from the negative energy that he needed so that he would be able to act accordingly. This is all on the subconscious level of course. Sometimes when people want to do something but don’t necessarily have the courage to, they will move into a space that supports their endeavors, good or bad and pull from that energy to complete their subconscious desires.

The Chinese believe that 1/3 of our luck comes from heaven or destiny, a 1/3 of our luck comes from ‘man’, which is attributed to working hard, having good business acumen and making good decisions and 1/3 of our luck comes from the earth or Feng Shui. With that said, we all have an opportunity to change our lives by 2/3.

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