April 25, 2011

Top 10 Elephant Yoga Blogs of the Week.

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Top 10 Yoga Blogs of the Week

Urban Teens, Earth Day & Yoga: Let the Planet Do the Teaching. ~ Abby Wills

by elephantjournal.com

Gita for a Fish.

by Bob Weisenberg

Mercury in Retrograde is not a good excuse for you to be an asshole to me.

by Joslyn Hamilton (Recovering Yogi)

I Was a Rifle Totin’ Yogi

by Satkirin Khalsa

How Yoga & Janis Joplin Convinced Me Not To Buy A Bunny.

by Jennifer Fields

The Yoga of Fierce Awakening: Why Your Dogma Cannot Crush My Dharma.

by Ramesh Bjonnes

I Thought Samadhi was Found Somewhere Between the Sheets and Pincha Mayurasana

by Jessica Durivage

With This Asana I Thee Puke: Why a Camel is a Girl’s Best Friend. ~ Brittnee Henry

by elephantjournal.com

Broke Teacher II: How Your Business Will Save the World (and You).

by Kristoffer Nelson

Talkin’ Waves

by Jay Winston

Previous Week Top 10 ~ Apr. 16

Please Stay Just a Little Bit Longer.

by Julia Clarke

Radical Self-Acceptance?

by Yogi Michael Boyle

Yoga in an Age of Anxiety: Sowing Seeds of Transformative Possibility and Magic.

by Carol Horton

Yoga Journal Talent Search—by the Numbers.

by Vanessa Fiola (Recovering Yogi)

I Slept with My Guru. (III)

by Kimberly Johnson

What does a yoga body look like? {Adult}

by Chelsea Roff (Yoga Modern)

You Say You Want “Moksha”—But I Really Doubt It.

by Sam Geppi

I’ve Been Utterly Humiliated by Yoga! Again!

by James Altucher

I’m a Yoga Teacher, Not A Cow, So Why Do I Need A Brand? ~ Kristen DiLandro

by elephantjournal.com

Still Rock N’ Roll: The Balanced Stone Art of Shane Hart.

by Alicia Lubowski-Jahn

Two Weeks Ago Top 10 ~ Apr. 9

I Lived The North American Yoga Dream.

by Sophie Legrand

Trials of a Yoga Cynic.

by Jay Winston

7 Reasons I Could Never Be a Yoga Teacher. ~ Sara Bruskin

by elephantjournal.com

“I’ll Forgive You, You Miserable Bastard.” Forgiveness That Hurts or Works.

by Philip Urso

Spiritual Responses to the Tsunami & Nuclear Disaster. ~ Julian Walker

by elephantjournal.com

What Jill Bolte Taylor Might be Telling Us about Samadhi, An Account of 2 Right-Brain Gurus, and a Call for Research.

by yoga 2.0 lab

Why I don’t want to win New Zealand’s state lottery, Lotto.

by Kara-Leah Grant

What The @#%^ is Rajadhiraja Yoga?

by Ramesh Bjonnes

The Summer Vacation that Wasn’t: How My Heart Chakra Cracked Open on a Hillside in Elk, CA in 1972

by Hari Bhajan Khalsa

Why Psychotherapy Alone Doesn’t Really Work.

by Yogi Michael Boyle

Three Weeks Ago Top 10 ~ Apr. 2

Science vs. Spirituality: Opposites or Soulmates?

by Chelsea Roff (Yoga Modern)

32 Unusual Ways to Bring Abundance Into Our Lives.

by Claudia Azula Altucher

Thinking (& Dreaming) Yoga: Integrating Left & Right Brains to Change the World.

by Carol Horton

Sexual Healing Through Yoga ~ Sue Jones.

by Suzanne Jones

Yoga Culture’s Response to Japan’s Earthquake: 5 Reactions

by yoga 2.0 lab

When Did Discipline Become a Bad Word? ~ Charlotte Bell.

by elephantjournal.com

Interview with Carlos Pomeda: Scholar, Tantric Philosopher & Meditation Teacher. ~ Vanessa Fiola

by elephantjournal.com

Broke Teacher.

by Kristoffer Nelson

Yoga and Challah: Baking as Meditation ~ Esther Liberman

by elephantjournal.com

Drifting Across the White Line

by Hilary Lindsay

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