Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men (or women).

Via Aminda R. Courtwright
on Apr 24, 2011
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Only the shadow knows…really I’m thinking it’s just the cells of your body.

As a yoga teacher and a wellness mentor I talk a lot about how emotions, feelings, events are stored in our bodies. We may have even experienced release in classes…tears, laughter the like.  It is my sincere conviction that the best way to release stored toxic thoughts, feelings and beliefs is to practice forgiveness.  Hence the reason it is repeated in my manifesto…

Stay Present

Practice Patience

Cultivate Gratitude

Maintain Flexibility

Be Kind & Gentle

Remain Humble & Open Minded

Forgive, Forgive, Forgive

And above all else

Love Deeply

“To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness.”

Robert Muller

“We achieve inner health only through forgiveness – the forgiveness not only of others but also of ourselves”

Joshua Loth Liebman

Maybe that low back ache is nothing more than storing old hurts, hanging on to the past and not allowing yourself to move forward.   The past is important to learn from, but not to carry around as a weight or as a punishment.  Even the worst crime can be forgiven.  It isn’t easy and forgiveness is not an invitation to allow for repeat offenses or a way to condone actions, but it can be done.

I only know this, the better I get at forgiveness the happier I get.

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”


This is a perpetual process, a continuing journey of uncovering and releasing… The Process of Ho’oponopono (In Ho’oponopono, a person assumes 100% responsibility for their reality (with NO sense of self blame). They know that what they have created, they can change, for accepting responsibility means accepting power. Nothing is ever anyone else’s fault. To change experience/reality there is only ever one thing to work on…one’s self)   and Yoga Nidra are  wonderful tools for releasing and uncovering our true state of love and light.

You can start small and current and work into the big things.  Just practice. Feel. Notice.

As you forgive you may notice that love and joy and pain relief are natural by-products.  Pretty good deal huh?


About Aminda R. Courtwright

Aminda is a wellness facilitator and founder of ARCreated Wellness, LLC. A yoga teacher, transpersonal hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master, she shares her own healing journey with others in hopes of inspiring and uplifting those she meets. Her yoga classes are gentle and workshop style to invoke a real sense of learning and designed to be truly accessible for all levels. Her biggest hope is to help others take their yoga practice off the mat and into everyday life where it is truly meant to be experienced. (and can be most useful) Refusing to settle into the middle path just yet she prefers to dally on both edges and can be seen swinging right and leaning left. A devoted animal lover and activist and a humanist she is prone to rants and believes strongly that life is to be savored and that “we are all in this together, shouldn’t we enjoy it that way? “ When she isn’t teaching yoga, hypnotizing people, adoring her husband or doting on her grandson she is out riding her motorcycle—promoting the image that yogis are rebels and are a force to be reckoned with! You can also find her on Facebook. To join her for free classes online follow her here.


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  1. I love 100% personal responsibility, Dr. Len, Ho'oponopono, and all the goodness you talk about here 🙂 Keep doing your thing, Aminda.