May 8, 2011

A Collection of Mama Aspirations.

In Honor of Mother’s Day.

I was inspired by Tina Fey’s Mother’s Day Prayer for her daughter.

I wanted to hear more of this kind of thing: personal, specific, compelling, humorous desires for our children, super-distinct from mother-to-child. So I asked some mama-friends if they’d like to contribute and here is the sweet, poetic list of responses I received.

I would love to use this blog as a forum for other mamas to contribute their inspirations for their kiddos, as well. Let’s create a veritable aspiration collection— a mile long— for our precious children today, Mother’s Day.

Enjoy.  Join in.

I would like Adhrit to aspire to do anything he is passionate about, and know that he will always have his mother’s love to carry him through any obstacles that may come his way. I want him to grow up knowing that his mom loved him completely.
~Shweta, mother of Adhrit, 18 months

May you refuse to take no for an answer when your heart knows that the answer is yes.
~Kirsten, mother of Maya, 10 months

Whatever goals she sets for herself, may she kick butt with as much spirit and determination as she kicked mine during labor.
~Maitreya, mother of Violet, 5 months

May she continue to greet every human being that enters her field of view with the vim and vigor of a long lost friend and may she continue to expect to be seen, regardless of how much hollering that requires.
May her deepest, darkest place always posses a loophole, a crack in the mortar, to bring her back to fresh air. And may she be surrounded by people who know her well enough to fearlessly, gently, take a hammer to the exterior walls she builds.
May she go after life the way she goes after the cat, fringed with pure delight, shrieking with raised-fists that are stuffed with an offering, a treat, a ball.
And may she always know her worth is not contingent on how long the kitty sits still for her.
~Heather, mother of Opal, 18 months

My wish for my son is that when he looks in the mirror he smiles.
~Emily, mommy of Bodhi, 6 months

May my little man give and receive love as freely throughout his life as he does today.  May he always feel held and know he is safe to laugh, to cry, scream, giggle and blow bubbles.
~Ash, mommy of Bodhi, 6 months

May the unbridled joy, passion and curiosity that drives this little being remain throughout his days, and may he always remember that he is, in fact, a superhero and can shoot laser beams out his eyes at bad guys until he dies.
~Hannah, mother of Luca, 4.5 years

Dear Lord
May she be as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.
Prevent her from inheriting her mother’s clutziness, so she doesn’t make a fool of herself in front of others, but grant her enough silliness, playfulness and confidence to not worry what others think. As she grows older, may she be fun loving and happy, and have strong, long-lasting friendships.
May she push the boundaries early in life, while her parents are near to come to the rescue. May she also learn from her mistakes and make better decisions as she matures. Continue to foster her thirst for learning as she grows older, and help her find her professional passion in life early on.
Guide her to select fulfilling pass-times, careers, and friends, and to have the courage to go in a different direction if she isn’t truly happy.
Protect her from those that wish her ill will or harm, and guide her to look for ways to help others in need.

Show her the benefit of a loving, happy family life, and that the definition of family doesn’t mean every moment of every day is perfect, but she should feel secure enough to navigate the tough times in a positive direction and teach her that how she makes her way through tough and good times will shape how she navigates life going forward.
Most of all, let her be who she will be, and guide those around her to love and appreciate her for that raw, honest self. Amen.

~Jen, mother of Lindsay, 14 months

When he encounters the opportunity to travel, may he dive in head first and worry about how to pay for it later.
When he finds what it is that he loves to do most in the world – however grand, impractical or unrealistic – that he holds onto it with both hands and doesn’t let the world sway him into doing something else. Things always work out in the end when you are engaged in what you love.
When he is faced with the decision to love himself or hate himself, may he remember that someone so loved couldn’t possibly be bad.
May he remember that listening with an open heart is always skillful, even if you don’t know what else to do.
May he remember that spring always follows winter and that good times are always around the corner.
May he remember that our teachers are everywhere and can pop up when we least expect it – the sound of spring birds, a homeless man on the mall, a rejection letter, the slow slink of a snail, a bee sting, the sweet bite of a clementine, snow falling, the soft ruffle of a cat’s fur. The world continually reveals its wisdom, whenever we look up long enough to notice.
May he remember that the world is full of people who all just want to find happiness. Though we often disagree on what that is and how to find it.
When he is sad, disappointed, heartbroken and lonely as he inevitably will be, may he remember that the nature of the world is change, so it’s not personal!…. but the beauty he encounters is real.
Sometimes when things don’t work out, it’s the best news! That makes room for something else, something entirely different that you probably hadn’t thought of to show up.
~Heather, mother of Henry, 13 months
Sending so much love to every mama out there and to every child who has built a safe home in the nest of her lap, the warmth of her laughter, the squeeze of her embrace.  xo.
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