May 9, 2011

A Royal Relationship.

An interview from some six months before the wedding: a young couple negotiating responsibility, fame, and love with relaxation, frankness and humor—together.

I haven’t followed any of this Royal Wedding fervor, but like anyone I’ve heard a great deal about it, and like anyone I both enjoy royalty as a symbol of enlightened rulership and realize that it is, at the same time, all rather silly and sweet and obnoxious and irrelevant.

But if rich people are to be rich people. at least they should care so much about decorum and manners and sitting up straight and caring for the poor as do these very rich people.

And, happening across this dignified yet human, humorous yet sweet interview, I can see that these two persons, in being honest about the mystery that is love and friendship, intertwined, are still serving all of us in helping us to better understand relationships, as well as of course society, and happiness generally. It’s good to see their eye contact, the importance of family, the importance of growing individually and the frequency with which they laugh and joke, all the while being open and forthright.

And so—hip hip hooray! Congrats to the Royal Couple:

On the day their engagement is announced, Prince William and Catherine Middleton answer questions from ITN’s Tom Bradby about their future together.

Visit http://www.princewilliamofwales.org

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elephantjournal May 8, 2011 11:59pm

Adele Tomlin
The Royal Wedding cost the UK taxpayer £5 billion as a result of the loss in income from the extra public holiday. At the same time, UK politicians have been making massive cuts to our national health system and public education. The royal …family also costs the UK taxpayer £100 million annually. The institution is sexist and racist and does not sit well with a society based on merit and equal opportunity. Like the Indian caste system (which Buddha criticised) the UK Royal Family is outdated and unfair http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republicanism_in_the… More
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Great points, generally. I would only add that the wedding created thousands of jobs, attracted tourism dollars, and serves the purposes mentioned in the post above, if you read it before commenting. I'm no defender of the institution of ro…yalty, but it does wonderfully serve a symbolic role, if nothing more, and it's that which the video above captures so well. We all struggle with relationships, and to do so honestly and openly as they do above is helpful and inspiring. Finally, I'd be happy to bet that Cameron and his conservative friends would happily cut services to the poor and vulnerable with or without the Royal Wedding. ~ W.See More
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Adele Tomlin
True, Cameron would probably cut those services anyway, but that's much easier to do if everyone is feeling patriotic and happy after an extra public holiday. However, I don't agree with your points about it creating thousands of jobs…wha…t for one day? Hardly going to have a huge impact on the UK economy is it? I also disagree with your view that it serves a symbolic role – what of? Privilege, inequality and so on? Also, don't be too quick to see this royal coupling as a good one either. Judging by the general historical legacy of relatiosnhips with the Windsors, it does not bode well. But let's hope it does for their sake. Whether it does or not though, I would still like to see the Royal Family removed though.See More
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Ana Maria Sierra Love it! Such a sweet man and what a woman!
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elephantjournal.com Adele, please comment on the post above? Happy to continue conversation there. We already give Mr. Zuckerberg plenty of traffic..! ~ W.

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