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Via Open Yoga Blogging Community
on May 26, 2011
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Hi, everyone. Recently someone suggested that Elephant Yoga should have its own open blogging community, where anyone can create their own blog.

Then it occurred to me, why not experiment with this idea by simply opening up a weekly Community Blog where anyone can write whatever they like, and others can comment.

So that’s what I’m doing here. Write your own blogs as comments below. If you already have a blog, you are welcome to cut and paste your best blogs here, with a link to your blog, of course.

To subscribe and get e-mail notices, all you have to do is write a comment or reply, choosing to get e-mail notification for either just replies to that comment, or to all comments.

Register with Intense Debate and enter your bio, photo, and links there. This will appear in a pop-up when a reader mouses over your photo.

Voila! Instant Open Community!

We will excerpt the best entries and discussions in the next week’s Community Blog. Some will undoubtedly become Elephant Yoga articles.

Let’s give it a shot. This will thrive or die on the vine, depending on your participation. We’ll learn something either way.

It’s a grand experiment, but so is about 90% of what you’re seeing on Elephant Yoga these days.

I like that about us.

Bob Weisenberg
Yoga Editor

P.S. If you have suggestions or think this is an utterly hare-brained idea, write that in a comment here, too.


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About Open Yoga Blogging Community

Welcome to Elephant's Open Yoga Blogging Community where you can write whatever you like, and others can comment. Elephant writer Bethany Eanes has generously agreed to serve as discussion moderator. 1) Write your own blogs as comments here. If you already have a blog, you are welcome to cut and paste your best blogs here. 2) To subscribe and get e-mail notices, write a comment or reply, choosing to get e-mail notification for either just replies to that comment, or to all comments. 3) Register with Intense Debate and enter your bio, photo, and links there. This will appear in a pop-up when a reader mouses over your photo. 4) We will excerpt the best entries and discussions in the next week’s Community Blog. Some will become Elephant Yoga articles. --Bob W. Yoga Editor


60 Responses to “Become an Elephant Yoga Blogger Right Here Right Now.”

  1. Balancing on Two Feet says:

    Divine Play

    Think back to when you were a child. School was out for the summer and nothing but endless hours of play stood before you. The constraints of time were absent and fear was a foreign concept. Thus you could be found atop the highest tree in the neighborhood or balancing on logs spanning across a creek. The worries of adulthood and intrusions of responsibility had yet to shatter your world. You were able to play.

    Another word for play is frolic. To me this word evokes images of a deer bounding through a field full of high grasses and embodies the full meaning of what it feels like inside to play.

    Childhood is over in the blink of an eye and play seems to fade to the background of life. The growth, turmoil, and discomfort of the teenage years give way to adulthood and life becomes full of the constraints of responsibility. Play? It is gone.

    This is where yoga enters the picture. Yoga is the means by which you can again reclaim the joy that play brings. Yoga is divine play. The mat serves as a safe haven where you can move freely; allowing untapped emotion to come to the surface, and perhaps feel the same joy that you once felt as a child.

    Often we come to the mat feeling that yoga is “just another workout” and at times feeling inadequate because we can’t do the pose “correctly.” Perhaps we feel we aren’t “good” at yoga and stumble home after class discouraged and exhausted. I want to challenge these ideas. Although yoga has become a visual activity; the way the postures appear, the trendy clothing, the toned bodies, this is not what it is all about. Yoga is an internal experience, feeling the alignment in your body, the release of emotion formally bound by fear. This internal experience is play. Feel the freedom of your mat. Look silly in a pose or perhaps make up your own. There are no rules. Each day is different from the next and let your mind align with your body with this concept.

    Next time you come to your mat do so with the intention of play, perhaps offering up your experience in a way to make it divine; divine play.

  2. gypsymoonfairy says:

    I noticed something for the first time today. Something that I always thought I had seen…but was able to see with a different lens or filter as it were today. For the first time, I truly saw the beauty of the storm, the power of the winds of change, and the light and magic that illuminate the darkness. I found myself being pulled to go outside and stand in the wind. I closed my eyes and just stood outside looking up and waiting. I had no idea what I was waiting for, but I was waiting. Standing there facing the storm a gust of wind came up that nearly took me off my feet. As I fought to maintain balance I found myself laughing in delight. I opened my eyes and found bliss in the way the wind tossed my hair, loving the coolness of the wind gliding all over my skin. It was almost as if you could hear the wind speaking through the trees today; telling of an impending storm. Celebrating the changes by shaking the leaves off the trees in a brilliant display of confetti.

    Then the rain began to fall stinging my face as it fell fiercely from the sky. Instead of running inside, I danced….and the rain didn't hurt anymore. Instead, I felt it washing away all the worry, cleansing and cooling the wounds of the "fire" that I have been standing in. A moment later the sun began to peak timidly through the clouds…lighting small areas of the yard. That is when it all really began to sink in for me.

    I stood there and realized that power sometimes comes from letting go. Power comes from allowing the winds to pull away things that no longer serve you. When you find that power you become stronger because true personal power is found in peace with in ones self.

    For me peace comes in many ways. Peace comes from laughing at fear. Peace comes from dancing with the leaves in the rain while the wind blows. Peace comes from looking directly at the storm and not backing down. Peace comes from finding the courage and energy to stand back up …no matter how many times the wind knocks me down. Peace comes from living the life I want. In that peace there is silence….a quieting of the mind…..the ability to stop all the worry.

    I learned today that while a storm carries much power and I have NO ability to control it, it should not be feared. It should be respected, but not feared. For a storms, like changes in life, sometimes come in ominously and sometimes they catch us off guard. Sometimes we fear and fight them, and sometimes we revel and delight in them. However, we choose the handle the winds and storms we must remember they are a just a part of life, of growth, of change. Moving us always into the life we were meant to live, keeping us growing and learning, moving us always to the light.

  3. HayleyYogaUk says:

    O.k. Here goes…

    Yoga Runied My Life

    Yoga ruined my life. I came to it young, as a teenager. I fooled around and flirted with it for a while. It was purely physical; hot, sweaty and lustful, but then I fell in LOVE. Proper can’t eat, can’t sleep, want to be with it all the time, agonising love. Yoga took me into it’s heart and made the world make sense when I was convinced it didn’t. Nothing else mattered, only me and it against the world… Oh dear.

    Obviously, this couldn’t last it was completely unsustainable. It was an inappropriate, co-dependent relationship, which I then hated (obviously). I’d injured my body, I’d neglected those closest to me, I’d neglected myself. I had chosen it above all else. I had bottomed out, but then something shifted. I understood that it had to be this way. From the bottom, only then was I ready to meet it head on, from a place of mutual respect and truth. My friend Yoga. Of course, it welcomed me back with open arms and I went with an open heart. Every single day it inspires my actions, the inner most thoughts of my heart and my world, which has never quite been the same.

    This is my relationship with Yoga. Everybody’s relationship is different and I will never ever presume what yours will be. As a teacher I hope I give you the space to cultivate your own relationship. Watching you, holding your hand when you need me to, through rough and smooth. Helping you find your balance and peace with it. I want nothing more than for you to find what this practice means to you, all I ask is that you not fulfil your relationship from a template. Find something in that space that is your very own and that will inspire you everyday.
    <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  4. Yogini5 says:

    You bat this one out of the park!

  5. HayleyYogaUk says:

    Thank you! I think… English Vs US idoims slightly different 🙂

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