Bike Share!

Via Ryan van Duzer
on May 24, 2011
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Is there a better way to be nice to the environment and be good to your body than by riding a bike?  No way Jose!

Europe has been bike sharing for years with great success, big cities like Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Paris just to name a few.  We’re finally catching on with cities like Washington D.C. and even Miami leading the way.

Boulder launched BCycle this past week, it’s the smallest city to ever create a bike sharing program.  Will the experiment work? I sure hope so.

Videos are fun, here’s a quick rundown of the program.

And here’a video about the Copenhagen program I filmed many moons ago.


About Ryan van Duzer

Ryan Van Duzer is a proud Boulder native, loves sleeping under the stars, and is happiest on a bike. He works as a video journalist and TV host, appearing on Discovery Channel's Out Of the Wild and hosting various series for He also works as a bicycle advocate for People for Bikes and loves inspiring people to get out and ride. If you're ever in Boulder, you can probably find Ryan at the nearest burrito joint. To see Ryan's videos from around the world, visit his Youtube Page.


4 Responses to “Bike Share!”

  1. mikelevin says:

    Duzer, Great job and great sound effects! BCycle ::: whoo-hoo! It's all about making it easier. BCycle shows bike sharing is working just by being one of the newest bike sharing programs to start up. Bike sharing programs remove obstacles and get people into biking as a serious transportation choice, not just "alternative" transport as a novelty. Pedal power to the people. Vote for Duzer as video doc producer of the year! Next step: wire social networks into the already digital bike sharing infrastructure and get exponential returns. You heard it first here on Elephant Journal!

  2. Sara Young says:

    I was just in Denver and wrote for momentum magazine about the bicycle sharing program there! It is epic! I love Bcycle!…. Good stuff.

  3. […] back of their hands. The ones without bikes you can thank for contributing to the success of the Boulder Bike Share. If they have money, they probably wear a lot of Patagonia products that are made from the recycled […]