If God were a Car (you wouldn’t buy Him).

Via Waylon Lewis
on May 8, 2011
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Not God, I mean, but this video. I’ve only see one of ’em:

Theists, if you can understand why I wouldn’t buy a car from these people, then you can understand why I won’t buy God from you. SHOW ME THE MONEY! You ever notice that people never argue for the existence of things that actually exist? Why is that? Maybe it’s because that’s fucking dumb. If it exists, and we know about it, then there’s a definite – and usually easy – way to show it that is apparent to EVERYONE. Apologists are trying to sell the invisible/intangible car.


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3 Responses to “If God were a Car (you wouldn’t buy Him).”

  1. elephantjournal says:

    Katherine Carroll
    True, you don't buy cars you can't locate. However, I don't think God nor the concept of God was ever meant to be tangible. He/She/It/They is/are a myth that is meant only to assist in explaining the unexplainable. It fills in the feeble… mind from gaps that we humans don't understand and helps us feel like we know what's going on. aka, it's an ego trick. Personally, I'm okay with admitting I don't know where we came from or where we're going since none of that matters anyway. ;o)

  2. ARCreated says:

    1. really??? I don't feel "free" to move on from fundementalists at all. I do not feel "free" to have my own experience of god. If that were the case I don't think I would have any problem with religion.

    2. The issue becomes those who literally translate that which is meant as a myth, those who create dogma from the divine

    3. I think you prove the point of the video…alhtough I might agree those are examples of god others might just as easily identify those as proof of kindness of humanity — there is no "reason" to site those acts as the hand of god outside of pre-existing faith. If I were to choose to call those proof that we are connected via the earth mother what makes that assertion any less real or true? And does it matter as long as goodness occurs?

    I might go onto argue that I have seen just as much harm done in god's name does that prove he doesn't exist?

  3. Roger Wolsey says:

    Frankly, if Buddhism were a car you might not buy it either as one can only experience and appreciate any beneficial effects of it by practicing it – i.e. trying it out, experiencing it —- the same with theism and/or following the Christian path.